Investec Vehicle Finance

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Investec Vehicle Finance

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Thinking of having a new vehicle for daily use or your business, but struggling with financing?

Investec vehicle finance solutions can make it happen. Investec is a 50 years old company that offers financial products and services. Investec vehicle finance solution has a user-friendly repayment option with no monthly administration fee. All your financing activities can be managed online. The main benefits of this loan are:

  • Affordable: This loan is designed in an affordable way to finance any new vehicle for private use. The variable interest rate is up to 1% for up to 84 months depending on credit assessment.
  • Flexible: The loan is structured in a flexible way that meets your specific needs and living standards.
  • Save on interest: Another unique benefit of this loan is you can deposit and withdraw money any time after you set a credit limit. This will help to repay the loan faster and save on interest. There will be no early settlement fees applied.
  • No administration fee: Serving the loan through a debit order from a private bank account and you can save the monthly administration fee.

This loan from Bidvest McCarthy dealership offers enticing rewards: Earn 1 Investec rewards point for every R5 spent on purchasing a new, demo, or pre-owned vehicle, up to 200,000 points per vehicle when paying with an EFT from your Investec Private Bank Account.

Additionally, if you finance the vehicle with Investec, you can earn reward points based on the average monthly capital balance outstanding, with your private bank account’s earning rate applied to the qualifying balance.

As an Investec client, you gain access to tailored insurance facilities and risk solutions from Aon South Africa, with negotiated rates and perks such as automatic credit shortfall coverage up to R25,000 and zero basic excess in the first year of insurance.

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About the Investec

Investec is a South African financial organization that offers a range of financial products and services to European, Southern African, and Asian clients.

It was founded by Larry Nestadt, Errol Grolman, and Ian Kantor in 1974 in Johannesburg, South Africa. At that time it was a small leasing and financing company but now the business growth and acquisitions have enlarged it.

Investec received its banking license in 1980 and was listed on the JSE Securities Exchange in 1986. After merging with Metboard in 1986, Investec Bank Limited was recognized as Investec Group Limited in 1988. In 1990, Investec acquired several companies such as I. Kuper & Company Limited, Corporate Merchant Bank Limited, and trade finance company Reichmans Limited.

Investec made its first international acquisition and entered the UK market in 1992 by acquiring London-based Allied Trust Bank Limited. In 1998, Investec bought London-based leading merchant banks, Hambros plc, Henderson Crosthwaite, and Guinness Mahon.

Investec sold its UK private client stockbroking operation and Carr Sheppards Crosthwaite Limited to Rensburg plc in 2005 and holds 47.7% share in the combined entity, Rensburg Sheppards plc. Later in 2010, Investec acquired the remaining shares in Rensburg Sheppards and rebranded as Investec Wealth & Investment.

All the acquisition and business growth results in operating worldwide with 8,200 employees. As of March 2024, Investec operates in the UK, South Africa, Ireland, Switzerland, Mauritius, Germany, Channel Islands, India, and the US.

Why choose Investec Vehicle Finance?

If you are looking for financing your vehicle, this loan can be your best decision. This vehicle financing solution comes with zero fees. It has zero administration fee, early settlement fee, and  penalty fees.

This loan allows you to deposit and withdraw money any time after you set a credit limit. So, if you repay the loan faster you can save on interest.

Besides those, market leading benefits and tailor-made insurance by Aon South Africa make this loan more affordable and flexible for its users.

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