Investec Structured Property Finance

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Investec Structured Property Finance

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Investec is a financial organisation operating in South Africa, Germany, India, Ireland, Mauritius, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States and Channel Islands. Under the wealth management services, Investec offers a wide range of property funding solutions.

The core objective of structured property finance in to financing properties like office, retail, industrial and residential property sectors. Investec partner network has successful entrepreneurs, worthy individuals and companies who consider property their main business.

The main benefits for having a structured property finance from Investec are:

  • Beyond bricks and mortar: Investec has property funding and investment solutions in all the sectors including office, retail, industrial and residential. Investec’s expert team actively guides local and international clients and to ensure them with the best deal.
  • Bespoke solutions: Investec offer unique funding and investment solutions. Investec’s aim is to create wealth from a successful property portfolio and build relationships based on mutual trust.
  • Non-traditional approach: Investec has an expert team of structured property finance across multiple property sectors. Their years of expertise will bring you the right solution by understanding your needs and give access to Investec’s invaluable network.
  • Specialised finance: Investec will help you with variety of property investments. Investec specialised finance team will handle all of your financing needs. They will collaborate closely with your legal and tax advisors to make sure that funding and tax concerns are handled effectively, particularly when it comes to foreign investments.

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About the bank Investec

Investec was founded in 1974 in Johannesburg. In the beginning Investec was a small financial service providing company but now it expanded internationally through acquisition and business growth.

Investec got its  banking licence in 1980 and was listed on the JSE in South Africa in 1986. After it merged with Metboard, Investec restructured as Investec Group Limited in 1988. Investec acquired property management company I. Kuper & Company (Pty) Limited, Corporate Merchant Bank Limited and trade finance company Reichmans Limited in 1990.

By acquiring London-based Allied Trust Bank Limited in 1992, Investec entered the UK market. It was Investec’s first international acquisition. In 1998, Investec acquired Guinness Mahon. Guinness Mahon is a leading merchant bank based in London. In the same year Investec also bought  another London-based merchant bank Hambros plc.

Investec put on sale its UK private client stockbroking operation, Carr Sheppards Crosthwaite Limited to Rensburg plc in 2005. Investec retains only 47.7% share and Rensburg Sheppards plc hold the rest. Later in 2010, Investec plc acquired back the remaining shares in Rensburg Sheppards and the business was rebranded as Investec Wealth & Investment and incorporated.

Investec plc made an acquisition in Irish brokerage firm in 2012 and is serving Irish clients with 240 expert employees. Investec created Investec Equity Partners in 2016 and holds 45% of the company and other strategic partners hold the rest.

Investec Limited announced, Investec Asset Management as a separate listed company in 2018 but later rebranded as Ninety One plc in 2020. The new brand name carry the brand’s history of started as an investment firm back in 1991.

Currently, Investec is operating in South Africa, Channel Island, Germany, India, Ireland, Mauritius, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States. 8,200 employees are working worldwide for Investec.

Why choose Investec Structured Property Finance?

The prime reason lies in Investec has property funding solutions for office, retail, industrial and residential property sectors. Investec has a strong partner network with established business owners and individuals. Investec facilitate deals in non-traditional transactions and expert solutions to create capital from a successful property portfolio.

Investec experts will understand each individual or business need and will help you expand your property investments.

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