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Now you don’t need to beg anyone for money. Because Sanlam is facilitating you with a exceptional personal loan in South Africa. So whether you want money for educational purposes, house renovation, car repair, or any other unexpected expenses. You can get as many loans as you want according to your financial condition.

The amazing thing about Sanlam Personal Loans is that it allows you to pay a monthly repayment of an amount that you can easily afford. So that a lot of individuals can get the benefits of their loan options. There are many other surprises for you, let’s explore them.

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  • Huge loan amount: Want a personal loan either to purchase a big appliance or start a new business? Sanlam is allowing you to have a loan from R5,000 to R300,000. Isn’t it a great amount that can fulfill all your needs? There are many easy repayment options for you too.
  • Fixed interest rates: Who is giving personal loans on fixed rates other than Sanlam? Sanlam consultants will calculate the fixed interest rates and fees for your loan application that depend on your personal risk profile and your credit score. The interest rate depends on your loan amount and financial conditions which can be from 16% to 29.25% annually.
  • Earn 10% in Wealth Bonus: Wealth Bonus is a monetary reward program of Sanlam for loyal customers. So a personal loan from Sanlam will also let you earn 10% of your loan amount at the end of your loan term.
  • Easy repayment options: You have options to choose from like you want to pay in 12 months or you can also pay in 6 years too. So your monthly repayment will be calculated accordingly. So Sanlam allows you to pay a monthly amount that you can easily afford.

About the Sanlam Personal Loan

Sanlam Personal Loans not only gives you a loan but also lets you earn 10% of your loan amount. So it provides you with ways to increase your wealth.  So why not opt for a loan that is not a debt but generously increasing your wealth?

The fixed ratio of interest will also benefit you. Like once your monthly repayment is fixed at 24.5%. It will remain fixed throughout your repayment period. No matter whether the interest rate fluctuates, you have to pay the same amount. Along with the relaxation of paying the debt in 12 months to 72 months. Which else Loan company has given you as much flexbility?

About Sanlam

Sanlam is the largest and established financial services provider company in South Africa. Which was first established in June 1918. For more than 100 years, Sanlam has been providing services to the global market. From financial to business services, Sanlam is a master of all. Sanlam’s motto is to provide financial and investment solutions to customers. So they can achieve their sustainability goals efficiently.

Sanlam works towards your protection and safety, so it introduced the DebiCheck services for you. The overall services provided by Sanlam are life insurance, retirement products, investment management, healthcare, and credit solutions. Operating in more than 31 countries along with 113,748 hard-working employees, the total assets of Sanlam is about R1.3 Trillion. MTN South Africa’s largest mobile operator company has partnered with Sanlam.

Why choose the Sanlam Personal Loans?

Getting a loan with easy repayments and fixed interest rates is only possible by Sanlam Personal Loan. The flexible terms and conditions let anyone get amazing offers.  This loan is suitable:

  • If you are worried about your credit score, then this loan will help you to build it.
  • You will pay a lower interest rate than credit cards and get a higher limit of loans than most credit cards.
  • Flexible repayment terms and conditions will let everyone access the loan.

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