Capitec Bank Medical Loan

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Capitec Bank Medical Loan

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When it comes to your health and wellness, you shouldn’t have to think about paying for it. A medical loan covers all the costs related to health care. Capitec medical loan gives you the financial freedom and peace of mind you need. It is designed to cover you with financial solutions in case of a medical emergency such as medical expenses, surgery, therapy or to settle bills.

Mediclinic is the medical partner of Capitec Bank. It is a reputed financial organization that provides financing to patients relating to their medical care. Mediclinic operates in a range of cross-functional private hospitals in South Africa. It focuses on giving value to patients through quality care, and a safe and patient-friendly environment.

  • Credit amount: Capitec medical loan allows you to borrow up to R500 000 credit on your medical needs. This good amount of financial solution will help you settle medical expenses, surgery costs, therapy expenses, or hospital bills.
  • Revolving credit: You can borrow the maximum credit limit, and repay it over time. If you need to, you can borrow it again.
  • Long repayment period: Capitec Bank covers you with financial solutions to your needs and allows you to repay it over up to 84 months.
  • Prime interest rate: This medical loan comes with a discounted prime interest rate.

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About the Capitec Bank Medical Loan

Capitec medical loans come with a flexible way to settle health care expenses. This loan allows you to borrow a maximum of R500 000 to meet ongoing medical expenses, surgery, therapy, or to settle hospital bills. It comes with a repayment period of a maximum of 84 months and a discounted prime interest rate.

The application process is very easy. You can apply for this online by following 3 simple steps. A consultant from the bank will contact you soon and help you to complete your application.

About the Capitec Bank

Capitec Bank is a renowned financial service provider in South Africa. Capitec Bank provides daily transactions, investments, insurance, and credit services locally in South Africa. The business model Capitec follows focuses on providing value to customers, offering low pricing, daily digital transactions, and a good interest rate. Capitec is very transparent about its fees. It comes with  no hidden charge.

Capitec made people’s lives easier by developing complete banking solutions. It has customizable personal and business financial solutions. Capitec Global One simplifies banking and enables you to do all the banking activities in real-time.

Services that Capitec Bank offers:

  • Transact: This service allows you to use your card or app to shop online and pay with your phone. You can move cashless and Capitec guarantees faster payment.
  • Save: Capitec has made saving easy and quick. You can get access to your savings plans using the mobile app. The interest it has for savings accounts is highly competitive. You can even invest in shares with the Capitec mobile app.
  • Insure: Capitec credit insurance plan will financially protect you or your family in uncertain life events such as disability, retrenchment, unemployment, the inability to earn, or even death. The funeral plan covers up to R100 000 for yourself and up to 21 family members.
  • Credit: Capitec Bank has personalized financial solutions for personal and business needs. The credit solution includes personal loans, credit card loans, home loans, vehicle loans, education loans, home renovation loans, and medical loans.

Capitec has a reward program that allows you to earn cash back on monthly spending, or a discount on spending at a partner’s network.

Why Choose thes Capitec Bank Medical Loan?

In case of your health issue, you should take it more seriously. Getting better treatment sometimes demands a good amount of money. Capitec Medical Loan can manage it all for you. There are many reasons to choose the Capitec medical loan at the time of your medical emergency. It allows you to borrow up to R500 000 with a flexible repayment term of 84 months. Besides those, the interest is the prime market rate. So, you will get the market competitive rate.

Besides those, Capitec is partnered with Mediclinic which operates with a range of multi-disciplinary acute care private hospitals in South Africa. Mediclinic provides safety, quality care, and a patient-friendly environment.

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