African Bank Consolidation Loan

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African Bank Consolidation Loan

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Life gets easy when you group all loans. African Bank consolidation loan offers you to mix and match a maximum of 5 loans into 1. This easy-to-manage loan lets you borrow up to R350000 and save cash with a lower repayment. This loan comes with audacious rewards points which enable you to earn 1.3% back from your loan installments.

  • Easy to manage: The uniqueness of this loan is you can manage up to 5 loans into 1 loan. This will save you time and you can easily manage all your loans together.
  • Lower repayment: The main feature of this loan is you can go for a fixed interest rate. This will lower your monthly loan repayment amount.
  • Flexible terms: You can repay the loan amount on a flexible term.  You can choose a repayment period of up to 72 months.
  • Convenient process: The process of this loan is very easy. There are no settlement quotes required. The payment you made will work as proof of your loan settlement.
  • Take a break: You can take a break from paying installments for one month on a qualifying loan.

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About the loan

This loan enables you to make the best out of your loan. African Bank designed its consolidation loans considering the client’s needs. To make the user’s life hassle-free this loan allows groups of up to 5 loans into 1 consolidation loan. The flexibility of this loan is the repayment options and the loan amount is customizable to your needs. African Bank offers up to R350,000 consolidation loans.

This loan is designed in a way so that clients can pay the lowest installment. It comes with a fixed interest rate starting from 15% to 24.50% and a customisable repayment term of up to 72 months.

The audacious reward points add more sugar to it. This reward lets you earn back 1.3% from your loan installment.

If you are a category A consumer, you will be covered with credit life insurance. This insurance will protect you from loan settlement or installment settlement in case of any uncertain event of death, permanent and temporary disability, retrenchment, and unpaid leave.

About the African Bank

African Bank has a history of 49 years but the planning and initiative to open this bank was started 60 years ago. African Bank provides its financial services locally and holds a license of a locally controlled bank by the South African Reserve Bank.

African Bank provides personal loans, personal and business banking, investment, credit, and insurance services for individuals. African Bank allows you to get a free credit report even if you are not an African Bank customer. For businesses, African Bank has business banking services.

As an African Bank customer, you can take a break for one month from payment on qualifying loans. Category B consumers will be covered for death in terms of loan and credit settlement.

Credit life insurance covered category A consumers from loan and installment settlement in the event of death, disability, retrenchment, unpaid leave, or short time.

This bank has an audacious rewards program designed to earn rewards points on your daily spending on airtime, data, electricity, grocery vouchers, and much more. You can spend your earned rewards on the audacious rewards store. Audacious reward store has a wide range of amazing offers and discounts from partner’s network.

Why choose an African Bank Consolidation Loan?

The unique benefits it offers make a strong reason to choose this loan. This loan makes your life easier by letting you mix a group of 5 loans into 1. The interest rate is fixed so you know exactly how much you will have to pay each month.

The loan term is customizable and it is very convenient to maintain this loan. Added credit life insurance and audacious rewards program as an African Bank user makes the reason for choosing this loan more strong.

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