Capitec Bank Business term loan

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Capitec Bank Business term loan

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Capitec Bank has financing solutions for businesses. Capitec Bank’s business term loan can pay for capital expenditures, company growth and expansion, building modifications, and business acquisitions. It can also manage and consolidate a company’s debt, bring in-house previously outsourced functions, and more.

  • Expert assistance: Capitec relationship bankers are there to understand your unique needs, and can tailor a business term loan that will be ideal for you.
  • Repayment term: You can choose a repayment term for up to 60 months.
  • Prime interest rate: Capitec Bank business term loan comes with a competitive interest rate. The interest rate is linked to the prime rate. So, if interest rates go down, your monthly payment will be so.

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About the Capitec Bank Business term loan

Along with personal funding solutions, the Capitec Bank has business funding solutions as well. The business term loan is designed to meet business financial needs.

The loan amount and the interest rate are personalized and depend on various factors. Business financial health, business creditworthiness, and the purpose of the loan decide how much you can borrow and current market rates, your credit history, and the loan agreement terms influence the interest rate. Capitec business term loan comes with flexible repayment terms of up to 60 months.

About the Capitec Bank

Capitec Bank works as one solution to all your business needs. The daily transactional account is available to all businesses. It comes with the same price and a simple and transparent fee structure. It offers a free virtual card for online transactions and zero fees on local card payments. Capitec digital banking ensures instant access to your important things and helps to run effortless business activities.

Capitec Bank offers financial solutions to individuals and businesses. Capitec banking solutions include payments, credit, savings, and insurance. It supports SMEs or established enterprises and helps to grow any start-up. Services that Capitec Bank provides:

  • Transact: Capitec helps to run your business simply. This bank is committed to you with innovation and technological use to magnify banking services.
  • Save: Capitec helps you with simple savings and investment options with competitive interest rates. It helps you to meet all your investment goals and grow your profit.
  • Insure: Capitec’s short and long-term insurance will protect your business from all possible risks. Customizable business insurance solution offers you a 10% discount on insurance payments and ensures you remain tension-free and focus on business growth.
  • Credit: Capitec Bank simplifies the process of credit application and ensures you get access to the credit you need to grow your business or support your cash flow. It offers you different credit options and you can choose depending on your need.

Why choose this loan?

Capitec business term loan comes with a competitive interest rate. The interest rate is linked with the prime market rate. It means the market interest rate will be your interest rate. If the interest rate falls in the market, your repayment will be also. This should be the main reason behind choosing this loan.

Besides those, based on your business needs and business stability, this loan is highly customizable. This loan has a long repayment term of  60 months. From the beginning, a relationship banker will understand your needs and assist you in choosing the right business-term loan. The Capitec digital banking ensures you experience 24/7 banking facilities

Lastly, the high reputation of Capitec Bank can be a reason to choose this loan. Transparency, low costs, customizable loan amounts, and prime interest rates keep this bank above many other South African retail banks.

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