You wanna know how to to save money for travel! Traveling is one of the most pleasurable things to do. Meeting new people, new cultures, discovering incredible destinations and tasting the typical gastronomy, are things that raise the self-esteem and well-being of all. Many wonder how to gather money to travel, and faced with this question, today we have brought a special article on the subject. Check it out and stay inside.

The first step in gathering money to travel is to list your priorities, assess outstanding debts, and organize your financial life.

How much do I need to gather to travel?

The most appropriate answer to this question is: it depends. This is because the amount you need to gather to travel will vary according to the expectations of the trip. So, keep in mind the following questions before deciding the budget.

  • Destination chosen: Is the trip you want to make national or international? This is the first question that must be answered to help you with planning.
  • Advance: Destination chosen, when will your trip be? The advance in planning makes all the difference in the amount invested, after all, the sooner, the more in account are the purchases of tickets, lodging and tickets of tourist attractions.
  • Means of transport used: Will the trip be by car, plane, bus, or motorcycle? If you opt for tourist vehicles you need to look in advance at the values of the tickets to find the best prices. Now if your option is to use your own vehicle, you need to study the costs of fuel, tolls and maintenance of the car.
  • Accommodation: Are you staying in a hotel, hostel or rented residences? Use trusted sites like Booking and Airbnb to compare prices and choose the one that best fits your budget.
  • Food and expenses: With the destination in mind, make an itinerary with the sights you want to know, separate the money from the paid attractions and leave a reservation per day for food, water, basic expenses and for an emergency. With these questions answered, you will have the foundation of values that need to be saved in order for travel plans to work.

How to save money to travel?

1 – Have a good financial planning: List all the expenses you have today, the debts to be paid and compare with your receipts. Thus, you will have a sense of your financial planning and know how much you can save every month to make the long-awaited trip.


2 – Cut unnecessary expenses: You know that promotion blouse? That shoe that appears all the time on your Instagram sponsors? Are they really needed at the moment? If the answer is no, delete them.

Choose to make home made meals, in addition to healthier lifestile, you  also cut costs with purchased food. Balance the weekend outings and remove superfluous expenses, which can be replaced. Example: is the gym expensive? Choose to exercise outdoors. By making small changes at the end of the month you will have extra money that can be invested in the trip.

3 – Have an extra income: Use your gifts to monetize. Whether it’s a handicraft, child or the elderly care, or preparing recepies that you have experience on to sell, turn money into extra income apart from your official earnings.

4 – Use credit cards with benefits: Credit Cards are excellent allies when traveling. Some, in addition to offering air miles that can make your ticket cheapear, they can also offer lounge amenities, loyalty program points and more! Follow the best cards for airline miles in our special post.

5 – Read travel blogs: Knowledge is the best way to save for travel, knowing the destination from the perspective of other people makes it easier to familiarize and find a travel style that best suits you. With social networks, you can find many tips to save before, during and after the trip. Follow travelling tips by reading blongs and watching video guides.

It’s time to pack your bags and travel. Follow our selection of the best destinations to travel on a low spree in 2023.

Best destinations to travel on a low shelf in 2023

Cheap traveling can be a dream becoming true, isn’t it? Therefore, we have separated some of the best destinations to save and travel later this year. Check!

1 – Johannesburg in South Africa

Johannesburg in South Africa

Johannesburg in South Africa

The city of Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa, and it´s also one of the most developed cities on the continent. Some sights that I consider important to know are the Apartheid Museum and Constitution Hill (must visit), SAB – Beer Museum, Nelson Mandela Square, Montecasino and the Arts on Main.

2 – Durban in South Africa

Durban in South Africa

Durban in South Africa

The city of Durban is just over 600 km from Johannesburg and is bathed by the Indian Ocean, has beautiful beaches and much sought after by surfers. In addition, on the edge of the beach has many bars, restaurants and hotels.The city has many activities to do like uShaka Marine World, Botanical Garden and Kwa Muhle Museum. The gastronomy of the city is very interesting since it mixes between the South African and the Indian.

3 – Elizabeth Porth South in Africa

Elizabeth Porth South in Africa

Elizabeth Porth South in Africa

Port Elizabeth in South Africa is a coastal city, one of the largest in the country and also known as a welcoming city. The city has more than 40 km of beachfront with hotels, bars and restaurants. Many travelers also start the famous Garden Route, which connects Cape Town to Port Elizabeth, passing through several natural beauties. In addition to the beaches, the city has a metropolitan art museum, the Red Location museum, Safari Tours and city tours.

See how it is possible to plan, save and travel? Do not let life pass, after all, traveling is an investment in which the reward is to be very happy and bring good memories in the luggage.

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