Are you experiencing the Amazon Echo Show black screen when playing music? Are you looking for a solution?

There can be multiple reasons why your Amazon Echo Show gets a black screen when you play songs or music. A common reason is the software issue. A bug or a glitch can cause this problem. Sometimes, insufficient power or connection can also cause this issue. We will look into more details below.

Echo Show Black Screen
Echo Show Black Screen

To fix this problem, you have to make sure your Echo Show gets enough power, and that there are no software glitches that cause the black screen and try some other solutions.

In this guide, we will talk about the reasons for the black screen issue on your Amazon Echo Show and all the practical solutions to fix this issue. Keep reading…


Causes for The Echo Show black screen issue when playing music

Even though the major reason for this issue is because of software problems, there are some other reasons that cause this problem on your Echo Show. Let’s see what are those reasons.

Poor connection

Echo show needs an active connection to work properly. Especially when you play music, it needs to download the audio, lyrics, and other data to produce the music from your speaker. Combined software bugs, low internet speeds, and unstable internet connection together can make the screen goes black while playing music.

Hardware failures

Hardware issue
Hardware issue

What I mean by hardware is its display. Malfunctioning display on Echo Show devices can also be a cause to this black screen issue. That is possibly also why instead of going the display completely off, its backlight works and no color being produced on the screen when the problem occurs.

Power problems

Another common reason for this problem is the power the Echo show gets. There is a minimum required power to power up the device as well as to make it keep working. Sudden power drops, insufficient power, and loose cables all contribute to causing the Echo Show to malfunction. As result sudden restarts, and unexpected black screens can happen because of power issues.


Do you know that there are some features like Do not disturb, and Night mode on your Echo show that can turn off/dim the screen automatically? Misconfiguring these settings can make the screen go black and make it like an issue on the device itself.

Not updating the software

Alexa needs an update

Software updates are essential to keep your Echo show up-to-date and stable. Not updating system software may lead to a lot of troubles like system malfunctions, unresponsive UI, or to crashes. Additionally, older software will cause glitches and the black screen you get can be one of them.

How to fix the Echo show black screen when playing music

How to Fix
How to Fix

Now let’s talk about what you can do to fix this problem. In this guide, we have included more than 10 solutions to try.

Restart the Echo Show

Restart the Echo Show
Restart the Echo Show

Temporary glitches are very common in any smart home device. If your Echo show displays a black screen because of a temporary glitch in the system, it can be easily fixed by restarting the Echo show.

Plug out the power cable and plug it back again to give a fresh restart to your Echo Show.

Restart the router

Restart the router
Restart the router

Sometimes, temporary connection problems occur because of using the router for a long time. The first step to solving a such issue is to restart the router. In this way, we can reset the connection and the router software.

Check the power adapter

power adapter
power supply

Loose cable connection can interrupt the power coming to your Echo show. Also, using non-original power adapters will not provide enough power consistantly. Therefore make sure you are using the original power cables and adapters to power up your device, and also make sure all the cables are connected well into the device.

Connect the device directly to the router

directly Connect router
directly Connect router

If you use repeaters, extenders to connect your Echo show to WiFi, it can weaken the connection strength if not compatible and in long distance. To fix this, connect your Echo show directly to the router. So there will be no routing through in between devices, and the connection will also gets strong.

Reduce the distance between the router and Echo show

Reduce the distance router
Reduce the distance router

Another thing you can do to fix weaken connection is making the Echo show and router closer. If there are barriers like walls and furnitures that block the signals, place the router in another area. When you place the router, make sure it gets enough signals too.

Keep the Echo show away from signal-blocking devices

Siganl blocking devices include devices that has magnets. You have to make sure those devices are not placed in close to the Echo show beacause those devices can reduce the sgnal strength considerably.

Another thing you should consider is devices like UPS can effect the screen directly. Keeping UPS close to Echo show can cause black screen issues as well. So keep that kinds of devices away from your Echo show.

Remove other devices connected to the same wifi network

As you may know, when multiple devices are connected to the same network, it shares the same bandwidth and connection speeds of the network.

If one device heavily use the internet (Upload/Download) or a lot of devices are connected to the same network (depend on the network and the router) connection speeds tend to gets slower. This can increase the load time and cause black screen issue on your Echo show.

To get a better connection speed, you have to get rid of the other devices that are connected to the same network that your Echo show connected to. Log into your router’s dashboard using a web browser or use its app to remove them.

Check Wi-Fi configurations

If you do not know, Echo show only support for 2.4GHz WiFi network. But if the router has set up to broadcast 5.0GHz signals, your Echo show will not establish a proper connection with your router

Therefore, you have to log in to admin area of the router’s dashboard. Go to WPS or Connection section and see if the setting has changed to 5.0GHz, if yes then change it bacak to 5.0GHz and see if it works.

Disable night mode and Do not disturb modes

As I said in the beginning of this guide, There are two features (Night mode and Do not disturb mode) that are available on your Echo show to turn off the screen at a specific conditions.

If you have accidently enabled one of these featurues, then you can try disabling them. Do not forget to restart the Echo show after you made changes to settings.

Update your Echo show software

Before going to the last solution, you can check the software updates for your Echo show. Here is how you can do that;

  1. Swipe down the screen and tap the Settings
  2. Select Device options
  3. Tap the Check for software updates

After you follow these steps, your Echo show will begin to search for any software updates. If an update is available, it will download the update automatically and install it.

Perform a factory reset

The last solution is to perform a factory reset. By doing this we change the settings, cached data and other configurations back to default values of the Echo show.

Since this will erase all previous configurations and account information. You will have to re configure the Echo show to your account.


If none of the above methods worked, you can send a report to Amazon support by using the Alexa app. If you have any questions regarding this guide, feel free to leave a comment below.

Have a nice day!