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woolworths gold credit card absa bank

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Woolworths Gold Credit Card: Discover the various advantages, get discounts on the store, control your financial life, and break free of complications with this card!

Woolworths gold credit card is an excellent option for those who already have the habit of shopping at woolworths and love doing so, as well as for those who want to become a client of the store, but, even if that’s not your case, you may obtain the benefits and advantages of this incredible credit card.


By getting the Woolworths gold credit card you get instant access to the WRewards benefits program, with this incredible rewards system you will be able to control your finances by tracking your expenses, get discounts, vouchers, and have access to a detailed map of how much you’ve saved by using your card. You can also improve your tier in the program over time, starting as a value member, then moving into a loyal member, and finally earning the VIP membership. Apply now and get all the advantages of the Wrewards program.

Get rewarded at the store:

Every time one shops at Woolworths using the store’s gold credit card, a 2% reward is gained in quarterly vouchers, plus there is no minimum amount to spend to get the benefit. This is cumulative, so you will still get the other discounts offered by the WRewards program.

Get rewarded everywhere:

Every time one shops at establishments other than Woolworths, a 0,75% reward is obtained in quarterly vouchers, there’s also no minimum amount to gain the benefit here. This advantage also applies to fuel purchases.

Free extra card:

You will be able to get the maximum of 8 extra cards for you and your family, enjoy the freedom of controlling your loved ones finances with no additional charge, and get the security of having an extra card for emergencies!

Lost card protection:

Worry not for you will be fully covered in case of any not authorized use of your card in case of lost or stolen cards, this guarantee applies to the secondary variations of the card as well. All you gotta do to have access to this insurance is to notify the institution after 24h maximum after the card’s stolen, lost, or cloned.

Online Banking:

Use the Mobile App to get control of expenses, shop online, get vouchers, and get the details of how much you are spending and sparing by using the Woolworths gold credit card, all that in the touch of your hand! It’s time to enter a world of freedom and practicality with the Woolworths Gold Credit card.