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Titanium Credit Card

Are you looking for a loan? Don’t know how to start?

Gaining access to money safely and conveniently through an innovative credit plan has never been easier. Standard Bank continues to take the lead as one of the most trusted banks in all of South Africa.  This bank guides its members step by step from the application process to obtaining credit and even after the purchase of credit. The client will be able to count on countless benefits, tools and even personalized attention 24 hours a day.

By qualifying for one of Standard Bank’s credit cards, you’ll be entering a world of exclusive benefits ranging from discounts, offers, reservations, travel insurance and more, all to a monthly fee accessible and tailored to your abilities.

New Lifestyle with Titanium Credit Card

Travel, education, business, property acquisition…

Regardless of the reasons that drive you to apply for a loan, Standard Bank offers you the possibility of starting a new lifestyle, accompanied by the expert guidance of the customer service team.

This team is made up of experts in the field of credits, who will be at your disposal at all times. With innovative features and tools, they are the perfect combination to take your first steps in a life tailored to your needs and preferences.

After having gone through the qualification process, the credit amounts and limits on which you want to work must be established, however, the platform has pre-established amounts, created to suit the client with the aim of being accessible to all types of applicants.

How do I know if I qualify for a Titanium Credit Card?

The basic requirements for opening an account at Standard Bank are: Identification, bank withdrawal, proof of monthly payroll and proof of address. Once these requirements have been met, Standard Bank will carry out an analysis and verification of all the data presented and finally decide if the applicant meets the basic profile to acquire an account and subsequently acquire a Titanium Credit Card. In case of irregularities with the data received, the platform reserves the right to grant accounts to users with doubtful credit profiles.

The credit limit of the Titanium Credit Card, is R250,000, to be considered eligible for the fulfillment of payment of this credit plan. The applicant must have a minimum annual income of 25,000 rands, while the established monthly fee is Rs 82.00.

It is important to note that all amounts and limits are subject to the credit profile of each client, so credit will be granted based on the client’s ability to pay.

What can you do with your Titanium Credit Card?

With the help of Standard Bank, you can get the most out of your Titanium Credit Card. You can access your credit card on the online platform, ATMs and even through the mobile application, created for the convenience of customers. In the option to consult and manage your card in the way you want. Through the app, you can lock, activate or deactivate the card, increase the credit limit and many more options.

Being a MasterCard credit card, it allows you to make purchases in millions of stores, as well as make withdrawals at ATMs around the planet, you can even receive reward points, just for swiping your card, regardless of the place of purchase.