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Absa Student Credit

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Absa Student Credit Card Overview

To apply for a credit card a basic requirement is to have a certain amount of minimum income. If you are a student, it is difficult to be able to count on a large amount of your income, not to mention that you might not have a credit history, another requirement to apply for a credit card.For these reasons, it is almost impossible for a student to qualify for a credit card. However, Absa Bank Group makes the impossible possible by offering the Student Credit Card, which allows students to have financial flexibility, earn rewards, and start building their credit history.

If you are a student, with this credit card from Absa, you will say goodbye to budget restrictions and start enjoying other benefits offered by credit cards.

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Why is the Student Credit Card a good option?

As students, it is vital to have money available and thus begin to create responsible money management habits. A perfect way to start is with the Absa Student Credit Card.

This card offers a rewards system with which you can count on refunds, offers, and discounts. In addition, the fees associated with this card are low, if not zero.

Likewise, this card offers up to 57 days with no interest rate, which means that if you pay the installment within that time, you will not have to pay interest penalties. On the other hand, students with this card will not have to pay any extra fees for the purchases they made.

The bank offers rewards and low or no fees, making it ideal for students. In addition, students get up to 57 days of interest-free rates. Meaning that, if you pay off your credit card within 57 days, you won’t have to pay interest penalties.

How To Apply for an Absa Student Card

As with any Absa Bank Group credit card, you can apply for the Student Credit Card on the bank’s official website. The steps to follow are:

  • Enter the official website of Absa Bank Group.
  • Click on the option that says “personal.”
  • Then go to “Bank.”
  • Click on the “Youth & Student Banking” option.
  • Look for “Card with benefits” and click “Tell me more.”
  • When you enter, you will see an orange button that says “apply now”. There you will start the application process.
  • At this point, enter all the personal information requested on the page.

We recommend that at the time you begin to apply, verify that you meet all the requirements and that you have the required documentation.

Want to get an Absa Student Credit Card? Then tap the green button above and see how to apply for one!