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Spot Card South Africa

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Spot  Card

If you are looking for an account that provides you security, easy-to-execute banking transactions is free, and has an app that allows you to access it anywhere and from your smart device, you’ve come to the right place. 

With Spot card, you can make immediate transfers, with no fees applied, except for transfers to other countries, whose prices are exclusive.  Also, you can scan any QR code and make payments through that method. 

We secure purchases with your Spot card, and to reward you, get cash back when you shop at Takealot, Uber, and Checkers Sixty60. When shopping, you don’t have to worry about coupon codes. You just shop as you usually do. Connections on Spot are immediate and automatic. 

The benefits of Spot cards 

Before purchasing or applying for a card, it is essential to know its features. This way, you can broaden your horizons and determine if it is right for you. 

Spot cards have Mastercard technology, which allows you to pay anywhere in the world. This card at any point of sale does not require commissions or fees, not even when used abroad, since it is free! 

Spot cards are usually a great match, thanks to the fact that Spot provides its customers with the best services. 

Not only do they offer fee waivers on any banking transaction, but they also provide security and easy access to online shopping and instantly notify their customers of any movement to avoid fraudulent transactions. 

To apply for the Spot card, you will follow simple steps. You will be able to make the application from any device that has internet access. You will have two alternatives, to request a physical Spot card or a virtual card. 

The virtual card has the same features as a physical Spot card. With it, you can shop online and make secure and quality transactions. 

You might be wondering if you can shop in international online stores. The answer is yes! With Spot cards, you have a wide range of online features, including subscribing to streaming platforms such as Netflix and Spotify.