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Nedbank Voyager Premium card

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SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card

Have you ever imagined accomplishing all those goals you’ve set for yourself?

With the help of the SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card, you can accomplish this and much more: travel, study, business, buy a car, or a house. All reasons are valid. That’s why at Nedbank, you will find a variety of loans tailored to the income, limitations, and preferences of each applicant.

We designed the SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card for its users to enjoy the lifestyle of their dreams. This card offers its clients tools and functions that facilitate the process, from applying to finally acquire the credit with many benefits. The user can enjoy the best way until the 100% fulfillment of the bank credit.

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Some of the factors that are analyzed are:

  • Credit history: it is essential to be early with payments and to evaluate the percentage of the credit spent regularly to have a good credit history. Spending frequently more than the credit limit could affect the bank’s decision to grant you credit.
  • Cash flow: Through the analysis of the cash flow of each user, we determine if they can comply with the payment of the credit amount in its entirety, which must be constant.
  • Payment capacity: Being honest about the amount of money you receive monthly and annually is fundamental for the bank to evaluate your payment capacity. Based on this, you will receive a credit adapted to this capacity.

What do you get with your SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card?

With an annual fee of R2,040 and a monthly credit facility fee of R30, you will enjoy premium benefits with a personalized interest rate.

You can consult and manage your credit card anytime, anywhere using the Nedbank online platform and the Money mobile app. You can pay with your card in any store without additional fees. Some of the benefits of this credit plan are:

  • Receive promotions and discounts on travel, airport VIP lounges, accumulate miles, and even travel insurance.
  • By swiping your card at associated merchants, you will receive bonus points.
  • Credit life insurance

Want to get a SAA Voyager Premium Credit Card? Then tap the green button above and see how to apply for one!