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RMB Private Bank Credit Card

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Credit cards are financial tools that help customers manage their monthly expenses, handle unexpected situations such as medical emergencies, make significant purchases, and more. In South Africa, the RMB Private Bank Credit Card stands out by offering a more rewarding and convenient experience for its users.

This card provides customized benefits tailored to the specific needs of its users, making it an excellent choice for those seeking premium benefits at an affordable cost. It also ensures a secure banking experience, offering peace of mind when making transactions.

The Wired Cabin Team has created a complete guide to explore the benefits and features of this card. Read it in full to learn more about the RMB Private Bank Credit Card!

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RMB Private Bank Credit Card Benefits

This card provide a lot of perks and amazing features to its customers, see below:

  • Metal card: Customers can get a metal credit card that is more durable and eco-friendly than the plastic one. However, the metal version is optional, clients need to pay R 1050 per metal card issued, that charge can be rebated if you are on at least eBucks Rewards Level 3.
  • Interest-free period: as a RMB Private Bank Credit Card cardholder, you can enjoy up to 55 days of interest-free, providing peace of mind and flexibility to make purchases and save some money.
  • eBucks Travel Benefits: this card is a good option for frequent travelers thanks to its exclusive travel perks. RMB Private Bank Credit Card customers can enjoy up to 40% on selected domestic and international flights, car hire and buses. Plan your next adventures with affordable discounts provided by this credit card.
  • Airport Lounge access: cardholders can enjoy 36 complimentary Airport Lounge visits per year, depending on their eBucks reward level. Also, when booking a flight through eBucks Travel, you can get up to 24 bonus Airport Lounge visits, it is available for domestic and international flights. You can enjoy the comfort provided by luxurious SLOW and Bidvest Premier Lounges. You will have access to spa treatments, selected bookers and newspapers, snacks, beverages, high speed WiFi and much more. There is a good advantage for people who want to relax before flights.
  • eBucks Rewards: making purchases in selected partners with your RMB Private Bank Credit Card, you can get significant rewards. Purchasing at Shoprite Checkers and iStore, you earn up to 15% in eBucks, you also can save up to R8/litre back in eBucks at Engen. In addition, you can earn rewards from other partners like Mr D Food, Takealot, Superbalist, etc.

About the RMB Private Bank

Founded in 1977, the RMB Private Bank offers tailored financial services for the south african population, with the goal to provide solutions like credit and debit cards, investments, advice, global accounts, and much more.

RMB Private Bank is a reputable financial institution in South Africa, this institution has a robust history and legacy in the country.

Who is this card for?

The RMB Private Bank Credit Card is a good option for frequent travelers, they can enjoy an array of travel benefits like travel insurance, discounts on bookings, Airport lounge visits and much more.

Also, this card is a valuable solution for customers who want to earn rewards in purchases made. At selected partners you have access to a variety of rewards, improving your banking experience overall.

The RMB Private Bank Credit Card is a card for people who are looking for premium benefits with an affordable price. However, the costs related to this card can be expensive for many people.

So, it’s time to evaluate the card features and benefits to apply for one.

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