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Platinum Credit Card

Standard Bank is an institution that offers a wide variety of banking services for both individuals and corporations. In the case of products for natural citizens, this bank offers several credit cards that adapt to the needs and preferences of each user.One of the credit cards offered is the Standard Bank Platinum Credit Card. This card includes many benefits. First of all, we designed it for people who tend to have a higher spending budget compared to most South Africans. 

Typically, this card is ideal for people who love to travel and enjoy many entertainment and leisure activities, as this product offers many travel-related benefits. For example, you can access VIP lounges at airports worldwide, exclusive entertainment promotions, travel insurance, etc.

Considerations to take into account when applying for the Platinum Credit Card

If you wish to apply for the Platinum Credit Card, you must know everything about it to enjoy the benefits of this card to the fullest and also learn what you should take into account.

First of all, although it is a card you can use anywhere in the world without any problem, it has a high international transaction fee. Likewise, this card has many fees and commissions associated with transactions.

On the other hand, branch fees are high. Sometimes, they can be much higher than the amount charged for online transactions. So, this card will serve you much better if you use it for online payments.

For this reason, it is crucial to be aware of the fees and commissions associated with this card. And those fees can change over time. To keep up to date, visit the bank’s website and look for the card of your preference. There should be a link that will take you to the table of updated fees and commissions.

Platinum Credit Card holders can count on a dedicated private banker and many financial experts, which will always be at their disposal without any associated cost.

A point of interest if you are thinking of applying for this credit card is the interest rates. In that case, the price is personalized. But you can enjoy interest-free credit if you pay your card debt on time every month. In the case of the interest rate, it will be a preferential rate, being the lowest credit interest rate. On the other hand, the maximum is +14%.

If you are convinced and wish to apply for this card, you need to know that, to start enjoying the benefits of the Platinum Credit Card, you need to pay a one-time start-up fee of R180.00. When using this card to make purchases at certain stores, you can obtain discounts of up to 35%.