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Nedbank Platinum Credit Card

You can enjoy countless benefits with a bank loan. Acquiring property, traveling, paying for studies, and opening a business is possible with the help of NedBank, a financial institution recognized for its varied credit plans designed to provide the best economic opportunities to all its customers.

One of the most famous plans in our bank is the Nedbank Platinum Credit Card with specialized functions and tools to get the most out of your bank credit. With easy access and guaranteed security, you can design and bring the lifestyle of your dreams to reality. Tailored to your needs and preferences, you’ll always get the best service and even rewards for every purchase.

Credit Profile 

It is important to note that to be accepted for a Nedbank credit card, each applicant must have an acceptable credit profile without any irregularities. 

Before applying for a credit card, your credit profile is evaluated. Sometimes, this can be the reason for rejection before applying for a credit card. 

A credit profile is a classification of banks to their members when applying for credit. This classification serves as a tool to forecast the payment capabilities of an individual and if they meet the payments on time. Through a measurement system, financial information is collected, and the entity can decide if the applicant meets the financial requirements for obtaining credit. 

These requirements are based on the individual’s job stability, type of contract, whether permanent or temporary, the sector in which they work, and whether they are self-employed, among others.

Before applying for a loan, the applicant needs to know all the factors that may be determinants for the bank to decide to grant the loan.

Some of the determining factors to know if you can benefit from a bank credit are:

  • Payment history (Payments up to date or frequency of late payments).
  • Loan utilization rate (Must be 50% or it will be considered a credit risk).
  • Payment history.
  • Types of credit.

Convenience right out of the box

To obtain a Nedbank Platinum Credit Card, some essential requirements must be to qualify as a beneficiary of any credit plan. 

If you already have a Nedbank account, you can apply through online banking and submit your application. You can also apply for the credit through a branch or by calling the assigned phone number. If you do not have a bank account, you must meet basic requirements. Some of these are Identification, bank statements, residing in South Africa, and being over 18 years old.

After having approved the application process, it is necessary to establish the fees on which you wish to work. These are:

  • Monthly service fee.
  • Credit fee. 
  • Interest rate.
  • Credit limit.
  • Others.

The pre-established minimum amounts for the credit are adaptable and customizable based on the preferences and limitations of each client. To apply for the credit, you must have a minimum salary of R29,00 monthly.

With NedBank, you control everything.

One of the advantages of acquiring a Nedbank Platinum Credit Card is the ease of use and the various functions that allow you to control and manage your credit card the way you want, from anywhere and at any time. That is thanks to Money, a mobile application created to facilitate transactions, purchases, and complete card management for all NedBank customers. It even allows the client to block, activate and deactivate their card in case of theft, set transfer and withdrawal limits, and change credit limits, among many other functions.

The tools and functions of the NedBank Platinum Credit Card improve your experience within the banking platform during the entire application process. Even after acquiring the credit, you can receive personalized attention from our customer service team on the banking platform. You will get answers to any questions, information, and complete guides that will allow you to use your card and enjoy the benefits.