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Monzo Card

With banking, you can save, shop, and manage your money from a smartphone. Monzo allows you to do all these processes for free. In addition, it offers tools for managing your account through Pots that will help you with the organization. And, when it comes to movements or total balance queries implement Trends.

If you want a bank account with quality financial management, you shouldn’t wait any longer! You can open a Monzo account in the UK and enjoy the services we offer our clients. Registration is easy, it will only take 15 minutes, and once your account is verified, you can apply for a Monzo card and pay anywhere worldwide. It is crucial to mention that Monzo offers different types of accounts to its customers, each with its objectives to promote security and exclusivity in every banking operation and to improve the user experience.

Some are checking, savings, Plus, and Premium.

Enhance your experience with the Plus and Premium Accounts

For the convenience of our users, we have designed Plus and Premium accounts. Both have particular features and affordable costs. You can opt for such an account if you are between 18 and 69 years old. The terms and conditions also apply to this type of account.

With Premium, our customers can apply for a white metal Monzo card made of steel. Also, you can opt for comprehensive telephone, travel, and other activities insurance. The cost of Monzo Premium is €15 per month. You should use this account for a minimum of six months.  

With the Plus account, our clients can earn profit from their money, personalized budgets, and broad financial visibility. The cost of Monzo Plus is €5 per month. Anyone who wants a Plus account should know that the minimum usage is three months.

Secure savings

With the savings account, not only will you have access to the money saved, but you can also earn up to 3.60% interest on your capital. At Monzo, unlike other banks that can hold your money for a year, you will only have a fixed pot for six months. There are so-called easy-access savings, which allow you to have your money available on the second business day.

The minimum amount for opening a savings account is € 500. You will be able to choose the withdrawal options. You should remember that if your money stays longer, there is a greater chance of earning an interest margin.