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Global One Capitec Credit Card

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Global One Credit Card Overview

Capitec Bank is one of the largest banks in all of South Africa. Something they achieved quickly. As a financial institution, they offer a wide range of products and services that benefit high-income earners but also middle and low-income earners.

This institution is very competitive, which makes them an ideal bank to apply for loans. Their acceptance rate is very high.

One of its most prominent products is the Global One Credit Card, which requires only a minimum income of just R5,000.00 to apply for, an amount that is quite affordable for many South Africans.

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How can I get a Global One Credit Card?

Like most credit cards, you must meet the requirements to be able to apply for them. Now, you can apply directly at any of Capitec Bank’s branches or through its official website.

Before making the application, we recommend that you verify that you meet all the requirements to avoid your application from being rejected and to avoid wasting time and effort.

Could my card application be declined?

Capitec Bank will not grant the Global One credit card if the basic requirements are not met. The first thing Capitec will do is evaluate your financial status and your spending profile and verify your credit history. They will then determine the credit limit of your card.

Now, one reason your application may be rejected is because of a bad credit history. In that case, before you reapply for the card, you should pay off the debts and try to fix the credit history as soon as possible.

You can check your credit history before submitting the credit card application at the credit bureau. The response from the bank to find out if they accepted your application might come even that same day.

Want to get a Capitec Global One Credit Card? Then tap the green button above and see how to apply for one!