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Flexi Core Absa Credit Card

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Paying by credit card is one of the most widely used payment methods worldwide, especially now that everything is managed digitally. Paying with a credit card is easy, safe, convenient, and very fast.

In addition, some cards allow you to make purchases in many parts of the world, making currency conversion automatic.

Flexi Core Credit Card

On the other hand, having a credit card allows you to have extra money in case you have an emergency or want to treat yourself to a few luxuries, which you can pay in installments and with a small percentage of interest.

These are the general benefits that credit cards can bring, but today we want to talk about one, in particular the Flexi Core Credit Card, a card from Absa Bank Group.

This card is top-tier and offers an excellent line of credit. It was designed for people who want to improve their credit history or have never had a credit card before.

The Flexi Core is a card used nationally and internationally to make physical or online purchases, transfers, or cash withdrawals. Something that makes this credit card stand out from other similar options in different banks is that it has excellent travel insurance of R1,500,000.00, covering emergencies.

Moreover, in the event of the user’s death, serious accident, or disability, the card has a protection program that ensures that the cardholder’s family is not obliged to pay the debt.

Apply online

Usually, to apply for a credit card, you go to the bank. And if you wish, in the case of the Flexi Core Credit Card, you can do so as well. However, to apply for this card in a simpler and faster way, the whole process can be done online. The important thing is that you comply with the requirements and have the necessary documentation.

To apply for this credit card online, all you have to do is go to the official Absa Bank Group website, go to the credit card option and select Flexi Core. Once you enter the section where everything about this card shows, in the end, you will find a button that says “apply now” click it and start the application.

There begins the 6-step evaluation, which you can do all at once or fill in what you can and save it for later. When you complete everything, you only have to click on apply, and that’s it. After that, you must wait a few days for the bank to give you an answer and send you the card.

Why choose this card if you have never had a credit card before?

Mostly, if you want a credit card, you need to have a credit history. If you don’t have it, you will hardly be able to apply for one.

However, with Absa, if you apply for the Flexi Core, you will not need to have a credit history. In addition, this is a card with very low-interest rates, making it the ideal credit card for beginners.