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Introducing the Discovery Bank Gold Credit Card, a financial companion that goes above and beyond to empower your financial journey.

This remarkable card is designed to not only provide you with a line of credit but to reward your healthy lifestyle choices and give you access to a world of exclusive benefits.

Discovery Miles Benefits:

Let’s start by highlighting the unique rewards system that sets the Discovery Bank Gold Credit Card apart from the rest. With every purchase you make, you will earn Discovery Miles, a versatile and valuable rewards currency that offers you more options and flexibility than traditional cash-back rewards. Whether you prefer to redeem your Discovery Miles for cash, travel bookings, or partner vouchers, the choice is yours. The more you spend, the more Discovery Miles you earn, enabling you to unlock incredible rewards and experiences.

Get Control of your Financial Life:

But the Discovery Bank Gold Credit Card offers much more than a rewarding experience. It provides you with a comprehensive banking solution that gives you full control over your financial transactions and savings. You can do so much more than just make purchases with this card. It offers full transactional capabilities, allowing you to set up third-party debit orders, make EFT payments, and even accept salary deposits. This means you have the flexibility to manage your finances seamlessly, all within the convenience of one card.

55 days of interest-free credit

One of the standout features of the Discovery Bank Gold Credit Card is the ability to enjoy up to 55 days of interest-free credit on select transactions, this means that you have the freedom to make purchases without worrying about accumulating interest charges, provided you pay off your balance within the interest-free period. It’s a smart way to manage your cash flow and make the most of your spending.

Credit Facilities:

When it comes to credit facilities, the Discovery Bank Gold Credit Card offers the most flexible credit facility in the market. This means you have complete control over your credit, allowing you to manage it according to your unique needs and financial goals. Whether you need to increase your credit limit or adjust your repayment terms, you have the power to do so with ease.

Free Savings Accounts

In addition to the flexible credit facility, the Discovery Bank Gold Credit Card allows you to add free savings accounts to help you achieve your financial goals, you can create as many savings accounts as you need, each with its own personalized interest rates. This gives you the opportunity to save for specific purposes or allocate funds to different goals, all within the same banking platform.

Real-Time Forex Accounts

What truly sets the Discovery Bank Gold Credit Card apart is the access it provides to Real-Time Forex Accounts. Available in British Pounds, Euros, and US Dollars, these accounts allow you to transact and save in multiple currencies with ease. You can enjoy real-time exchange rates and make seamless transactions between your foreign currency and Rand accounts. What’s more, there are no fees when you transfer and convert between your foreign currency and Rand accounts, ensuring that you can make the most of your international transactions.