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Diners Club Shari’ah Standard Bank

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Diners Club Shari’ah Credit Card

Standard Bank is a bank recognized in South Africa for offering a wide variety of products that adapt to the needs of its clients. That has always been the premise of Standard Bank. Thinking about this, this renowned South African bank decided to ally with Diners Club, creating the Diners Club credit card.The Diners Club is a credit card for people who travel constantly and who like to shop. In addition, the benefits offered by this card are practical since they combine all the advantages of both parties in the alliance.

For the holder of this card, it has free services such as additional cards, advice, request for the first account statement, first card replacement, and first deposit of the month. In addition, this credit card has personalized online attention 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to resolve any doubt or emergency.

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For whom is this card?

Being an alliance in which Diners Club participates, most of the benefits offered by Standard Bank’s Diners Club Credit Cards are related to travel. 

The card is for you if you like to travel and want to be part of an exclusive group of clients who love to go out and have fun. The Standard Bank Diners Club offers discounts on wine-related purchases and access to airport VIP lounges worldwide. 

What is essential for you to know is that to be able to opt for this card, you need to have a minimum annual income of R500,000.00.

How to apply for this card?

Before applying for the Standard Bank Diners Shari’ah Credit Card, you must verify that you meet all the requirements. You can apply for the card in two ways. Here we explain how: 

  • The first is applying directly at the Standard Bank branch that works best for you. There they will allow you to fill out the form and let you know if you qualify for that card. 
  • The other way is by accessing the Bank’s application or entering the online website and making the request. You will get an online form you must fill out. The bank will do the checks and tell you if they approve the request. 
  • After receiving approval from the bank, you must coordinate with them if they will send it to your home or if you will go directly to pick it up at the bank branch. In any case, you must have your identification to ensure that you are indeed the cardholder.

Want to get a Diners Club Shari’ah Standard Bank? Then tap the green button above and see how to apply for one!