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Diners Clubs Platinum Credit Card Overview

Have you ever imagined the possibility of accomplishing all the goals you set for this year, even those you considered impossible, all with the help of a credit card?

Travel, study, entrepreneurship, buying a house, etc. There are many reasons you might need a loan and all of them are valid. For this reason, Standard Bank has a wide range of credit plans that adapt to the client’s capacity, taking into account their income, limitations, aspirations, and much more.The Diners Clubs Platinum Credit Card is a credit plan specifically designed for all those users who wish to acquire a new lifestyle. With this credit card, you can enjoy great benefits and tools.

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Is it worth joining Diners Clubs Platinum?

Credit card credit is often confused with a loan. However, these two terms contain significant differences. With a loan, the customer receives an amount of money and must pay interest on the entire amount while a credit card provides the customer with a specific amount of money and the customer pays interest strictly on the amount used.

A credit card is one of the safest and most flexible forms of financing, which allows you to access a specific amount of money based on the needs and payment capacity of each client. Diners Clubs Platinum Credit Card is much more than simple bank credit. All this is thanks to its execution plan, tools, and complementary applications that offer the customer countless advantages and benefits that will undoubtedly allow a complete experience.

First steps with the Diners Club Platinum Credit Card

As in other credit institutions, the first step to becoming a client of Standard Bank is based on the fulfillment of the indispensable requirements for opening an account since, without them, it will not be possible to apply for the opening of a credit account.

Once all the basic opening requirements have been met and verified, the next step will be to establish the credit plan you wish to work with, which divides into:

  • Monthly fee payable: Which has a stated minimum of Rs. 98.00.
  • Minimum annual income: Minimum of Rs. 500,000.
  • Credit limit: Based on the customer’s creditworthiness.
  • Fixed interest rate.

Based on these points, Standard Bank will create a credit plan that benefits both the client and the institution, seeking to satisfy the user’s needs as much as possible without leaving aside the limitations and aspirations of the user.

Want to get a Diners Club Platinum Card? Then tap the green button above and see how to apply for one!