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Blue Card Standard Bank

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Blue Credit Card Overview

One of the banks that has the complete confidence of all South Africans is Standard Bank. It is a financial institution that seeks to offer its customers different credit card options according to their needs.One of Standard Bank’s most affordable and simplest credit cards is the Blue Credit Card. Although it has a lower credit, it offers good benefits to its users.

The Blue Credit Card offers the possibility to start building a positive credit history by paying a low credit fee. In addition, the client will have 55 interest-free days to pay off the credit before the debt increases.

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Who is this card for?

Standard Bank’s Blue credit card is a great option for young professionals starting their working life because it is a simple card that allows daily transactions and operations to be carried out.

On the other hand, it is also a card suitable for people who don’t have a high monthly income. The monthly fees of this card are not high, so even though you will have an extra monthly credit, you will not spend money on unnecessary fees and commissions.

How to apply online for the Blue Credit Card?

To apply for the Blue credit card, you can do so depending on some cases:

1. If you have a Standard Bank account, you can log in to your online bank profile and apply for the card there. The advantage of doing it this way is that you do not need to send data and documents, as the bank has them all.

2. In case you don’t have a Standard Bank account, you can still go to the bank’s official website and apply for the card online.

After applying, days later the bank will give an answer based on your minimum income. Once this is verified, the bank will inform you if the application is approved.

For a special fee, you can request to have the card delivered directly to your home or pick it up at the bank. The entire process takes approximately seven business days.

To make payments besides using it at points of sale, you can do it by reading a QR code with your cell phone, to protect you against fraud and theft. However, this card does not offer its customers benefits that other cards of this same bank offer, such as travel insurance, discounts and offers that other first-level cards of this bank, such as the Standard Bank Gold Credit.

Want to get a Standard Bank Blue Credit Card? Then tap the green button above and see how to apply for one!