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BeMobile Card

If you want to spend, save or share your money conveniently, safely, and efficiently, the BeMobile card is your best option. BeMobile African allows you to make online transactions for free. And, if there are exceptions, such as sending money abroad, the fees and commissions are low. 

BeMobile cards also allow you to exchange currencies. You can send money to more than 160 countries. This alternative opens up endless opportunities. Not only will you be able to send and receive money from abroad with low commissions, but you will also be able to use 22 currencies in international transactions. With BeMobile African opening, an account is simple and intuitive to improve the user’s experience with online banking and other BeMobile card alternatives. 

How to register? 

If you’ve been looking into the many functions of the BeMobile card, it might have piqued your interest. And how could you not? We designed it to make it easier for all our clients to manage their capital. Don’t wait any longer and register. Enjoy our services now. 

The sequence to follow for registration is as follows: 

  • Download the BeMobile app from your smartphone. 
  • Take a selfie to identify your face. 
  • You must upload a photo of your identity card or passport. 

The account will be active in a few minutes if you follow these steps. Then you will be able to enjoy the best features that the BeMobile card has to offer. And the best part, with no fees, BeMobile African services are free. 

Looking to improve, we have prepared an alternative to help you if you want to cover an emergency expense or start a business. We are talking about the loans that BeMobile offers you. By downloading our application, you can get a loan in foreign currency, up to 2,000 USD. And among the requirements, no paperwork or collateral is required. 

BeMobile African’s services are highly secure, promote business, and are used to achieve financial inclusion goals across Africa. The aim is to reduce poverty in sub-Saharan Africa, as it has been shown that more than half of the population does not have a bank account. And their finances are managed expensively or at risk of losing their capital. 

For these reasons, BeMobile cards grant rewards of up to 5% annually. It’s an option that motivates many customers because, with BeMobile, you will have access to international transactions and an excellent financial policy that safeguards and teaches you to be financially independent. 

For us, the correct financial management of our clients is fundamental. So we have created a savings plan that you can be a part of. By participating, you can opt for a savings offer starting at 100 USD.