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Bank Zero

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Bank Zero Card

Modernity, fast access through the app, a foreign exchange rate as low as 1%, and personalized proprietary card issuance. You can have all this and more with robust banking at zero cost. 

You’re probably looking for a branch that gives you immediate access to your card and all that entails, online transactions, cash withdrawals, purchases, or other financial activity. With Bank Zero and its mobile app, your transactions will be functionally efficient, immediately accessible, and innovative. 

Bank Zero’s features make a difference. With just a few simple steps, our customers can achieve financial freedom. We cordially invite you to sign up and enjoy the best of online banking. And remember, banking has never been more convenient and efficient than with Bank Zero. 

Bank Zero Services

Bank Zero does not discriminate against the size of your company. It provides its services equally, whether a large or small business. We support and seek solutions, ensuring quality financial processes. 

Our goal is to integrate companies, offering innovative, transparent, and controlled banking functionality. 

Among the services available to our customers, we offer control of card subscriptions, special card patents, authorized debit orders, intuitive designs in our app, digital connectivity that fosters an optimal ecosystem, scheduled payments that allow proper financial management, and smart card control, among many others. 

With Bank Zero, you don’t have to worry about fees because basic banking is free. We only charge for the extras. And as we seek fairness in all our services, we apply functions, prices, and fees in the same way to all our customers. 

Some branches may ask for a deposit to open an entry account. Then, the customer must upgrade it, i.e., pay for higher quality. In Bank Zero, this is not necessary. We must offer the best features and avoid, if possible, the customer having to pay high fees. 

Bank Zero has a lot to offer you. We designed our services to improve the user experience, offering quality, total control, and financial independence. Featuring a predictable interface, user guides, and help if required.

To register, the steps to follow are simple. To get started, download the Bank Zero app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Once you have downloaded the app, continue with these steps:

  • Upload ID document looking for biometric security.  
  • You must customize your account name, select your card image, savings goals, and requested PINs. You may need to complete other related information. 
  • You must deposit funds into your account and apply for your Bank Zero card.