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Aspire FNB

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If we talk about a prestigious and recognized financial institution in South Africa, the first thing that comes to mind is First National Bank (FNB). The bank has been operating in this country for many years and is one of the oldest.

However, if there is one thing that characterizes this bank, it could evolve technologically and adapt to the current needs of South Africans.  It offers a wide range of services, among which credit cards stand out. Now we want to tell you more about the Aspire Credit Card.

How can I apply?

Currently, you can apply for this credit card in different ways. The important thing is that you verify beforehand that you meet the requirements and have the required documents. Regardless of the application form, the process is quite fast.

The first way is the conventional way. You can do it by calling the bank, talking to an advisor, and making the application. They will tell you what to do and how to send the requested documents. The other way is similar. The difference is that you will go to one of the FNB branches, fill out the application form and submit the documents.

The last way is online. That is through the bank’s official website. You fill out the online application, follow the steps and scan the required documents to send them.

Whichever way you apply for the Aspire Credit Card, the bank will give you an answer after a few days. They can mail the card to you at no additional cost if they approve the application. But, if you need it urgently, they will deliver it at an extra charge.

When you receive the card, you should have your identification book or card to prove that you are the cardholder and be sure you are the right person.

Can they reject the card application?

Yes, even FNB is rigorous when accepting the application since, in addition to verifying that you meet the minimum income requirements, it will evaluate your credit history. So if you want to apply for this card, verify that your taxes are in order.

The minimum income is not too high, but it is slightly higher than the country’s minimum wage, which makes us think that it is not a card that all South Africans can have.