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African Bank Card

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African Bank Credit Card Overview

There are many reasons to trust the African Bank Credit Card, whose features fit your lifestyle. You can earn, shop online, get reimbursed and enjoy banking on the go. You are probably looking for a credit card that allows you to start a business, travel, pay for unexpected expenses, and go shopping without interest. 

As a customer of our branch, you can enjoy up to 62 days interest-free. This is possible by paying off your credit card before the expiration date. In addition, with the African Bank Credit Card, you can enjoy free mobile and online services. Your dreams have come true!  You can register with African Bank and increase your limit after six months. 

If you want to become a customer and get African Bank Credit Card, we assure you that you will be able to meet all your goals for a trip, shopping, a new business, and more. You only have to make the application so that instantly if you are approved, you can withdraw your credit card at any of our branches.  

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Why You Should Apply for an African Bank Card?

As a customer, you can access the many benefits of African Bank. Discover that the steps to follow are simple and the requirements are few. Get your credit card so you can bank instantly, from anywhere, and through any device. 

To apply for an African Bank Credit Card offer, you only need to have recent proof of income, be of legal age and have a bank statement showing three months’ salary deposits. 

African Bank think of your peace of mind. For that reason, mobile services provide tools that allow the customer to:

  • Know their balance 
  • Pay your credit card online
  • Obtain an account statement and tax certificate. Get a quote or settlement. 
  • Stop or activate a card with three simple steps. 
  • Change credit limits.

Obtaining the African Bank Credit Card is a simple task that offers possibilities and benefits.

And if you are looking for greater security in transactions and online shopping from the comfort of your home or office, the Visa African credit card is for you. As a customer of our branch, you can access banking on the go to make transactions at your convenience, privately and securely. 

With a credit card, you can make your payments online from different means: cell phone, debit, EFT, EasyPay, Pay@, or at any African Bank branch. Paying has never been easier. Get instant refunds. 

Want to get an African Bank Credit Card? Then tap the green button above and see how to apply for one!