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Nedbank4Me Card

We know choosing a good bank is difficult. Even more, if you want that bank to have programs for children under 16. At Nedbank, you can open a bank account for your child. You can do it online and by following directions with no degree of complexity. 

Because many parents are concerned about their children’s financial future and how they will pay for tuition or college, Nedbank provides electronic tools that allow for initial banking advantages. Unlimited card swipes and educational content for minors are available to our clients. Best of all, fees only apply to additional transactions, as all the bank’s functions for administrating your finances are free of charge. 

We guarantee security in every transaction. 

Thanks to our text message alert system, we can notify you immediately when you make any banking transaction. In addition to this alternative, for greater security, we allow our customers to:

  • Accept or reject transactions through the hotline, 
  • Block, freeze, or replace your card with the Money app. 
  • Set payment limits or activate and deactivate your Nedbank4Me card as you see fit. 

You can do all this from the comfort of the digital applications intended for this purpose. You can operate online, buy, book travel, or access special offers. In addition, you can monitor every movement of your bank account with the electronic register. Nedbank can determine and safeguard your finances from fraudulent acts or unauthorized spending by parents.  

In addition to the control you can have over your finances, you are also eligible for other benefits. 

We guarantee our clients the best services. For this reason, you can also enjoy discounts on tickets and meals at Nu Metro cinemas when paying with a Nedbank Visa, MasterCard, or American Express credit card. 

Special offers and discounts on fuel will also be available. Through the partnerships Nedbank has formed with other companies, you can access rewards and programs that teach you how to manage your finances properly.

 Our branch issues debit and credit cards with their unique benefits and features.

Cards issued by Nedbank have notification programs that instantly inform you of any payments made. You can manage your account with the Money application, Nedbank ATMs, or online banking. 

Also, we offer you quality services, which include access to Penny Power finance educational content, contactless payment options such as scanning via QR codes, and more.