Recently, I saw a few questions on the Amazon forum regarding household purchase notifications.

Amazon Household is a feature to share Amazon services with others at no additional cost. These people are usually your family members. Using the household feature, you can add up to 2 adults, four teens, and four child profiles.

Even though you add your family members to your Amazon household, you care about your privacy. You do not want others to look into your profile or receive the same notifications you receive.

purchasing privacy
purchasing privacy

The problem comes here. Many users are on the forums complaining that they receive other person’s purchasing notifications and also they receive their purchasing notifications, which is kind of problematic for people who care about their privacy. That is why they want to turn off purchase notifications on Amazon households.


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How to purchase notifications work on Amazon & Amazon Household

It is important to understand how purchasing notifications are meant to work on Amazon and Amazon household services.

By default, purchasing notifications on Amazon Household profiles are delivered separately. If we take Amazon prime features and smart home features, they also work individually.

So if you get other’s emails or other members receive emails from you, that means something is wrong in the configurations. Or because of other reasons. (I have given a few reasons below.)

Why Amazon household purchasing notifications receive to multiple accounts

household purchasing notifications receive to multiple accounts
household purchasing notifications receive by multiple accounts

The most common reason for this problem is setting up household profiles in the same account.

I am not talking about creating profiles. Of course, you are the person who should create profiles if you are the owner of an Amazon account. But if you set up prime features, smart home devices, and other things for a household profile using the owner’s account, that account will receive the same notifications the household account receives.

However, some other reasons possibly create this kind of scenario, like:

  • Someone is using the owner’s account.
  • System glitches.
  • Settings are made to receive purchasing notifications on household accounts.

But you do not need to worry because I will tell you how to permanently turn off purchasing notifications received from other accounts or sent to other accounts. Keep reading.

How to turn off household purchase notifications

There are a few ways you can turn off and stop receiving household profile purchase notifications to your owner’s account. Let’s do them one by one until you solve the problem.

turn off household purchase notifications
turn off household purchase notifications

Solution 01 – Reconfigure Amazon Echo or any other device/prime benefits added to the account

Since most of the time, the problem occurs because the owner’s device configures the household account, you have to remove services and devices registered on that account.

After that, log in to the household member account from another device and set them back.

Once you finish, you will not receive any purchase notifications again. If this trick does not work, do not worry. You can try solution 2, given below.

Solution 02 – Remove the account and add it again

Removing and adding a new household account can reset the previous settings, and you can set it up correctly so that you will not receive any purchase notifications from the latest household profile.

You need to log in to the owner’s account to do this. Follow the instructions below:

To remove a household member/profile

  1. Go to amazon.com/myh/households.
  2. You will see the members in your household settings.
members in your household settings
members in your household settings
  1. Click on the Remove button to remove the profile.
households remove
households remove

To add the account again.

  1. From the above, click on the suitable button to create the same account.
add the account again
add the account again
  1. Once added, an email will be sent to the person you added.
  2. Use the other person’s device to set up the account, add smart home devices or configure prime benefits.

If you follow these steps correctly, now your problem should be fixed, and you should not have any future purchase notifications from the newly added household account.

Solution 03 – Contact Amazon customer support

If there is a glitch in your account or a temporary bug in Amazon systems, none of the above solutions will work on your account.

Therefore, if you still get purchase notifications or are unsure whether the solutions I have given are working, you can contact Amazon customer support.

They will then further investigate the issue and work on fixing it. Once they do that, they will notify the owner account and the household member via Email.

They will also let you know if anything is wrong with the configurations. And you will be able to address the exact reason and follow their guide to solve it.

Some people want to completely turn off every notification they get from their Amazon account.

One thing you should keep in mind is that even if you turn off notifications on Amazon, you will still receive purchasing notifications to your Email. And it is not possible to turn it off, and I also do not recommend even it is possible to do (Because of security and privacy reasons).

But you can completely turn off other notifications you receive by following these steps.

  1. Log into your Amazon account.
  2. Go to Communication Preferences Center from the link.
Communication Preferences Center
Communication Preferences Center
  1. Click on the dropdown button of Promotional Emails under Email Preferences.
Promotional Emails
Promotional Emails
  1. Uncheck for departments that you do not want to receive notifications from.
  2. Also, check the “Do not send me any marketing email for now” option at the bottom.
update and do not send marketing mail
update and do not send marketing mail
  1. Click the Update button.

Alternatively, you can disable receiving marketing emails from Amazon. Here is how to do that:

  1. On the same window, click the “Do not send me marketing information by mail.” under “Marketing Information by Post” settings. (See the image below)
  2. Once you check the option, click the update button to save settings.

Now you will not receive any notifications except security and purchase notifications.


Amazon household is a handy concept for creating and controlling your loved one’s account in a single place. Even if you experience such issues like this, the service won’t cost you anything at all.

I hope you are successfully able to turn off purchase notifications for household members. If you have any questions regarding this guide, feel free to leave a comment below, and I will be there to help you.