First Home Finance

First Home Finance in South Africa

First Home Finance in South Africa helps first-time buyers with low to moderate incomes by offering a subsidy to reduce home loan debt and make ownership more accessible
Consolidation Loan

How Do I Get A Debt Consolidation Loan?

Debt consolidation combines debts into one payment, improving cash flow and lowering interest rates. Learn more in this article!

5 Steps To Get A Loan That’s Right For You

Many South Africans face financial struggles with rising interest rates. 42% have debt issues. See how to get the right loan for you!
Student loans

How do student loans work? Find out how to apply

Discover how student loans in South Africa provide accessibility, flexible repayment, and investment in the future through access to quality education.
term loan

What is term loan? Discover some options in South Africa

A term loan is a financial agreement where a lender provides a borrower with a specific amount of money upfront, and the borrower agrees to repay the loan over a…
Vehicle finance

Vehicle finance: find out more about installment sales and financial leasing

Discover the benefits of vehicle finance in South Africa: flexible options for purchasing and using vehicles with predictable monthly payments
Revolving loans

Revolving loans: how it works and what are the best options on the market

Revolving loans in South Africa offer flexibility and accessibility, ideal for managing fluctuating expenses
Capitec Bank Business term loan

How to Apply for your Capitec Bank Business term loan

Capitec Bank's Business Term Loan offers tailored financing solutions with personalized amounts and flexible repayment terms of up to 60 months. Contact them for assistance or submit your details online
Capitec Bank Medical Loan

How to Apply for your Capitec Bank Medical Loan

Capitec medical loans offer up to R500,000 for healthcare expenses, with an 84-month repayment period and discounted interest rates. Apply now!