About Investec Structured Property Finance

Investec Structured Property Finance offers a funding solution to all property sectors in South Africa and some selected regions. Investec property funding solution includes residential property, commercial property and service portfolio.


Residential Property Finance: Partner with Investec ensures the best possible return by development and investment funding. You can make additional payments and access to your available funds in advance. Residential property finance beneficiaries directly from your home loan and you can access the capital of your loan repayments once every year for the first 59 months. Investec financing team are expert in finding the opportunities and  the cost effective strategies tailored for each client.

Commercial Property Finance: Investec commercial property finance solution allows you the access to surplus funds and flexible payment options. It comes with a fixed interest rate including link to prime.


Service portfolio: Investe service portfolio solution offers debt structuring, deals facilitation, portfolio acquisition advice, ‘greenfield’ developments and infrastructure funding, alliances between developers and investors, and access to global property market. As of March 2021, Investec is serving £41.7 billion in client assets.

Loan simulation

There is limited information available on their website on loan simulation. The requirements and charges may vary depending on the amount and the loan type. You can contact them for details, their financing specialist will answer all your queries.


There are no common prerequisites written on their website. It may varies on what services you want to have. Understanding your need will help them to come up with a better solution for you. You can start a conversation by filling out the form to know about the prerequisite for you.

About the bank Investec

Investec is a South African banking and wealth management organisation founded in 1974. It was founded by Larry Nestadt, Errol Grolman and Ian Kantor. Started from a small financial company now it is an international organisation listed in the London and Johannesburg stock exchanges.

Investec Bank Limited was originated in Johannesburg as a small financial company. Within 6 years it acquired a banking licence and extended its services to corporate and professional banking. In 1986, Investec marged with Metboard and added portfolio management, and mortgage bond schemes to its services.

In 1988, Investec restructured itself from Investec bank Limited to Investec Group Limited. Between 1990 to 1997, Investec acquired many companies in South Africa and the United Kingdom. Investec established its operation in Australia and opened a representative office in Hong Kong.

Investec bought Mercantile Bank Limited in 2000. Investec securities and Investec integrated management marged and rebranded as Investec Asset Management and became South Africa’s largest stock broking and investment management company.

In 2001, Investec Bank Limited acquired several banks and 35% of a private client stockbroker in Hargreave Hale. After acquiring a lot of companies from the UK, Investec structured as a Dual Listed Companies listed on LSE and JSE.

In 2004, It sold its 80.28% stake in Investec Bank Israel to the First International Bank of Israel. Till today it acquired and sold many of its companies and made a strong position internationally. Investec is a leading international bank and wealth management organisation in South Africa for individual, business, corporate and Intermediaries.

Step by step to take out the loan

There are no direct instructions given on their website how to apply for the loan. You can started a conversation with their expert by filling out your contact information or can directly call them. Their expert banker will assist you throughout the process.


Positives and negatives of the loan

Positive sides

  • Have both development and investment funding;
  • Make additional payments and get advance access to your available funds;
  • Has an expert team to find best solution for you;
  • Commercial property finance solution allows surplus funds and flexible payment options.

Negative sides

  •  Very limited informations are available in the internet;
  • You have to contact their expert for details.

What other types of loans does the bank offer?

Investec has financing solutions for individuals and businesses. Individual financing offers home loans, vehicles and lifestyle assets. Home loan covering up to 100% financing for your home with capitalise the registration costs, initiation and valuation fees.

Investec has a financial solution for vehicles. You can get funds for a new car for private use or a new truck for your business on up to 1% prime minus.

For business Investec offers bespoke business loans and finance solutions on a wide range of sectors. Investec business funding solutions includes:

  • Trade finance: Investec provides financing for trade. Investec professionals team will combinely open account, logistical, and documentary services to provide custom trade finance solutions.
  • Debtor finance: Investec has a funding solution using your debtors and other assets. This borrowing based funding weighted your balance sheet to get the capital for business needs.
  • Asset finance: You can have funding to purchase fruitful assets for your business. This financing will also meet your needs with capital requirements for your business growth.
  • Private capital: Investec private capital solutions provide private capital solutions to successful business persons, and wealthy individuals. Investec aims to meet business’s investment objectives.
  • Medical practice finance: If you are a doctor and dreaming of having your own chamber, renovate the existing one or looking to buy one, Investec has a financing solution for you. Investec medical practice finance includes financial solutions for medical and office equipment, building and property finance.

Fees & fees

Interest rate may vary based on your need. You can contact them and tell details about your needs, they will find the applicable fees for you.  But, the current rate on Investec Mortgage Bonds is 11.75%.

Customer service

You can start a conversation or request a call back from their expert team by filling out your necessary information on their website. You can directly call them at +27 (11) 286 9663 or +27 (0)860 110 161 or email them at [email protected].


Investec launched multiple category based apps for business and private client services. Those apps are available in the Play Store and Apple Store. For Investec business banking you can check here for the iOS version and Android version. For Investec private client banking check here the iOS version and Android version.