Sanlam Personal Loans allow you to purchase whatever you want and pay back the debt with flexible options. Sanlam uses the DebiCheck tool to protect you from any kind of fraud and debit order scams.



A Personal Loan that not only gives you money to fulfill all your needs, but increases your wealth, is none other than Sanlam Personal Loans.

High amount & low interest

This loan allows you to get the amount from R5,000 to R300,000. You can also get them in increments of R1,000. The interest rate applied on the loan is fixed that also starts from 16% to 29.25%. Depending upon your financial profile.


Flexible repayment terms

No matter how much you have requested, it is totally up to you how long you want the repayment period. Starting from 12 months to up to 72 months of repayment period. Sanlam will look into your credit report and then Calculate the monthly repayment accordingly.

Fraud-free environment

Sanlam uses the DebiCheck tool that lets you stay away from fraud and incorrect debit authorization. Your loan application will be safe and no privacy will be breached. But if you get any scam emails using Sanlam’s name, contact Sanlam immediately.

Secure Platform

You are filling out a loan application and then get caught up in another task. Resume your application from where you left off. Sanlam’s secure application platform saved your progress and all the information you have provided. So complete the loan request now without worrying about information leakage.

Increase credit score

Sanlam wants you to apply for a loan responsibly. Most of their clients use 19% of loans on debt consolidation, 26% on home improvements, and 16% on education to promote wealth.

Loan Simulation

If you want to get the Sanlam Personal Loans, the bank will check your credit report and risk profile. That is about your credit score level and your capability to repay the amount borrowed. Then according to your financial condition and risk profile, the consultant will evaluate the initiation fee and interest rate. The repayment period ranges from 12 months to 72 months, similarly interest rates also range from 16% to 29.25% annually.

For example, you get a loan of R50,000 that you have to pay back in six years with an interest rate of 24.5%. With an initiation fee of R1,207.5 and a monthly service fee of R69. Then it means the total loan will be R102,085 with an APR of 27.29%.

You can also calculate your monthly repayment and interest from the calculator available on the Sanlam website.



To check whether you are eligible for the loan or not. Sanlam website has a tool, where you put the basic information. And it tells instantly about your eligibility.

To apply for the personal loan, you have to submit the following documents:

  • You must be a South African citizen, so will need to show a clear copy of your South African ID card.
  • Proof of address
  • Latest 3 original bank-generated statements

Apply for the loan, but keep in mind that credit approval depends on your credit profile.

About the Sanlam Limited

Sanlam Limited was founded in 1918 and for a hundred years, it has been providing financial, investing, and business services to customers all over the world. From insurance services to investment management, financial planning to credit solutions, and retirement plans to wealth bonuses, Sanlam has everything you wish for.

Other solutions like healthcare, corporate benefits, and wills& estate are carried out by Sanlam efficiently. Sanlam’s performance towards financing, sustainability, and strategy is remarkable. Proudly providing the services to 31 countries in Africa, Asia, and the UK and providing services to 69 million people. Sanlam partnership with Africa’s biggest mobile operator group MTN group, so they can provide diverse insurance services.

Step-by-step procedure to apply for the loan

You can apply online or call 0861 44 00 44 for a new application.

Visit the Sanlam official website and navigate to Personal and then Credit Solutions from the main menu or you can see the step-by-step guide for applying for your loan here:

  • Check your monthly repayment by using Sanlam’s loan calculator. This allows you to have an idea of repayment of your desired loan amount.
  • If you are a South African citizen then fill in the personal information and agree to the terms and conditions of the loan.
  • Upload the necessary documents to proceed with the application.
  • Submit to confirm your Sanlam Personal Loan application.

Pros and Cons of the Personal Loan

Everything has benefits and disadvantages too. Here are some of the pros and cons:


  • Higher loan limit Up to R300,000
  • Fixed interest rate range from 16% to 29.25%
  • Flexible repayment period that you can decide yourself.


  • Late payment fee applied on missed or late payment.
  • High-interest rate.

Fees And Tariffs

The Sanlam Personal Loans don’t have any hidden or extra fees or interest rates.

  • Just a fixed interest rate on the loan that ranges from 16% to 29.25% according to your credit report condition.
  • A late payment fee is applied if you missed or paid the repayment not in time.

Customer Service

There are plenty of FAQs available on the website, but still there is a problem then call at following numbers.

  • Call for new application: 0861 44 00 44
  • Client support: 0861 20 40 60
  • Email: [email protected]