If you want to acquire a new lifestyle, we have the right option for you: the TymeBank Credit Card. This card will help you cover your needs, adjusted to your payment capacity. Not only will you get bank credit, but at the same time, you will have access to different bonus points just for paying with your card in any business.

TymeBank Credit Card

A bank credit consists of a specific amount of money, which is made available to applicants, who are legally committed to repaying with interest only the part of the credit that has been spent. TymeBank has designed credit plans that will serve as support for all those users who wish to fulfill any proposed goal, as well as materialize any dream or idea.


How to get a TymeBank Credit Card?

Evaluating your credit history is one of the first things financial institutions do when they receive a credit application. The credit history analysis allows them to evaluate if the applicant will comply with the total payment of the credit granted.


You must make sure you comply with the basic application requirements, for this, it is necessary to maintain a good credit profile, make payments on time, present verifiable data, have a stable job, whether temporary or permanent and receive a minimum cash flow that allows you to pay for the credit.

Application Requirements

As in any banking institution, TymeBank has basic and indispensable requirements that must be presented when applying for a TymeBank Credit Card, it is important that the data presented are real and do not contain any irregularities, since if so, this could cast doubt on the credit profile of the applicant and as a consequence be rejected.

Some of these basic requirements are:

  • Present a valid South African identification document or driver’s license.
  • Be a citizen over 18 years of age.
  • A recent payslip or bank statement.

To submit your application, all you need to do is to access the TymeBank online platform. after logging in, you can submit your application through Online Banking, the TymeBank app, or directly with the call center by calling 0861-007-250.

Submit your application! If you apply for credit and receive approval, you will receive 4X points from when you obtain the credit account until December 31, 2022.

Payment rates and security

To access your TymeBank Credit Card, you must pay the one-time initiation fee, after which the established payment fee is 40R per month.

When you swipe your card and make purchases, you will not receive any discounts, in the same way as when applying for a secondary card. All payment rates are tailored to the customer’s credit profile.

TymeBank’s priority is to guarantee security and convenience to all its customers. It has developed a convenient and secure web browsing platform.

Users can manage their accounts and make queries at any time of the day to customer service, safe in the knowledge that none of their data or credit assets are at risk.

In the same way, with TymeBank’s mobile application, you can verify that the security of your account remains intact, consulting the latest movements and complying with the confidentiality agreements of both parties. The agreements highlight that no personal data of any kind should be shared, as this could jeopardize the credibility of both the owner and TymeBank.

How to use your TymeBank Credit Card?

After purchasing the bank credit, you will receive your first personalized credit card at your doorstep, at no additional cost, and from that moment on, you can use it to make purchases at your favorite stores.

To consult and manage your card in real-time, from anywhere and at any time, you can download the TymeBank app through the Play Store, App Store and App Gallery.

The app was specifically designed to provide convenience and security to its users, through it you will receive a notification of your balance, allowing you to keep abreast of any irregular movement or double discounts and verify it immediately to the customer service team.

If you wish to increase your credit, you can use the budgeting service until December 31, 2022, which allows you to pay considerably larger expenses with better payment facilities of between 24 or 36 months from 200R or more. On a monthly basis, by paying off your outstanding balance in full before the payment date, you will get 55 days interest-free on any of the purchases made.

Benefits at all times

Regardless of where you shop or the type of merchant, with your TymeBank Credit Card, you will receive bonus points that you can exchange for incredible benefits.

You can swipe your TymeBank Credit Card in two ways, as a Smart Shopper, and as a basic payment card. By swiping your card as a Smart Shopper at Pick n Pay stores and various merchants, you will receive 4X points that you can use and spend any way you want.

What are you waiting for to get the lifestyle of your dreams?

TymeBank has a customized credit plan for you, taking into account the goals and ideas you want to materialize. Don’t hesitate any longer, your credit card will propel you to the next level.


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