Spot cards in their varied presentations, physical or virtual, offer quality services, securing transactions without additional costs. The procedure to register and obtain the Spot card is simple.

Spot Card, how to apply?

To request the physical Spot card, you must download the Spot application, where you log in. Once you have followed these steps, continue as instructed:

  • At the bottom, click on the cards icon.
  • Click on the request your card. There you must select the delivery address you want and complete some data.
  • Click on send.


You will have five business days for delivery. 

To request a virtual Spot card, you must log into your account. Once there, on the home screen, click on add a new account, fill in the requested data, and include a name. This name is assigned to your virtual card.


It is crucial to mention that the virtual card shares similarities with the physical Spot card. It has a card code, expiration date, and CVV.

After finishing the application process, don’t forget to click on save. After a few minutes, you will be able to have your new virtual Spot card.

Free accounts

With Spot, having a bank account is free. Making payments, purchases, and receiving money without fees is now possible.

To enhance your experience, you can share your account details and interchange payments with other Spot users. Also, EFT, Scan to pay, Tap to pay, and others.

We offer quality services. Through our accounts, you can view and experience excellent benefits. Among them, zero or low prices, because our policy is against hidden fees. You can do banking operations and don’t necessarily have to pay commissions.

In addition, to streamline processes and allow the customer to pay quickly at any merchant, we permit you to make payments through the QR code. To do so, you only need to have the Spot application.

Also, you can have group accounts. The limit is ten members. It is a way to maximize money. These accounts usually have notification systems and terms applied to the other members. They are practical and efficient, especially regarding finances for a company, whether large or small.

You should know that Spot Money accounts are insured, and Bidvest Bank is in charge of that. Offering you up to eight bank accounts, each one will have its virtual debit card with which you can make purchases and payments successfully.

Also, you don’t have to worry if you want a physical card. When you make your application, you can get a physical Spot card.



With the Spot card, you can earn rewards with every purchase. You won’t have to keep an eye out for codes issued by cash-back apps. Spot makes your job easier. It rewards you automatically for every purchase that meets the terms of the branch.

If you don’t already have SIM ME&You or uConnect, don’t worry, you can apply through the app. This partnership enhances connectivity by linking your Me&You Mobile or uConnect number to your Spot account.

We work for your financial well-being by providing you with tools that help optimize your money management. Rewards are an incentive we provide to our customers so that their experience with our accounts and cards is complete.


Spot offers three types of insurance for the welfare of its customers. Life insurance, car insurance, and funeral insurance. We guarantee the best insurance coverage in South Africa. With Spot, you can get a quote in two minutes. Don’t wait any longer. Get your life insurance as soon as possible.

The insurance plans ensure that your family is always protected. Be it disability issues, where you can’t work due to injury, or a severe illness. You will be eligible for medical coverage. If the owner dies, capital will be left to his relatives so they can continue their lives without so many difficulties.

International transfers

International transfers in Spot are now possible. We have partnered with Sikhona Money Transfers so that you can send or receive transfers from anywhere in the world.

It’s an affordable method because it has adequate fees, does not exceed commissions, and is a safe and secure procedure. At Spot, we seek to facilitate the management of your finances and have the alternative of international exchange, to expand the possibilities of each client.


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