With Nedbank, your ideas, dreams, and goals are a priority. You can count on tools designed with the sole objective that you can accomplish everything you have proposed at some point. With the SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card, you can make purchases and earn reward points regardless of the type of retail establishment.

SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card

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You should know this before you apply.

Regardless of your reason for applying for a bank loan, you should consider all the factors NedBank will consider when approving or rejecting your application. The requirements are usually based on the credit history of the applicant, through which the financial institution can determine the ability to pay and the level of credit the individual can receive.


What is credit history?

A credit history determines if the applicant can afford the credit payment and is punctual. To know that, the bank sees the employment stability, the type of contract and work, the previous payment history, and the percentage of credit used if the applicant regularly reaches the credit limit.

The payment capacity presented by the applicant must be verified through bank statements or payroll records to see that the individual is not requesting a loan that exceeds their payment capacity. Before applying, the percentage that will be used to pay for the loan should be established. For Nedbank, its members must receive a steady flow of money, as this will prevent any default action by the lending institution.

How to apply for credit at Nedbank?

If you are a regular member of Nedbank, submit your application through online banking. Based on your credit, you will receive a credit tailored to your needs and capabilities. In case you do not have an account, to apply for your credit at Nedbank, you must have different requirements, without which is not possible to receive the SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card.

These are requirements designed in such a way that they are accessible to all types of citizens who require credit. These requirements are:

  • Be a citizen over 18 years old, residing in South Africa.
  • Present a valid South African ID or passport with a work permit.
  • Possess a minimum monthly salary of R6,600 before tax.
  • Payroll or bank statement for the last three months, in which you can prove your ability to pay.

You can apply through the online platform, presenting your papers at a branch, or by calling 0860-555-111.


Service Fee

The annual service fee for the SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card is R700, with a monthly credit facility fee of R25. It has a customized interest rate based on each member’s credit profile to get up to 55 days interest-free.

Using your card in national or international commerce, at ATMs, or through online shopping, you will not have a commission discount. If you lose your card, you can request a replacement for only 150R.

Flexibility when making your purchases

You can make your purchases using your credit card. But also, for greater flexibility and convenience for users, Nedbank has different payment methods. You can make transfers and withdrawals at ATMs to pay with cash through some payment platforms such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay, and Garmin Pay, and even pay using QR codes with the Money app.

The Money app has many features that allow customers to manage their accounts with ease and security. You will have complete control of the movements made, keeping track of any unknown transactions, with the ability to deactivate or block the card in case of theft, and you can request a change or increase in the credit limit.

Rewards and discounts

Among the rewards and discounts you can receive with your SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card, you can get bonuses that will allow you to travel and live the best way. Some of these benefits are:

  • You will receive exclusive offers on travel promotions.
  • With eligible expenses in the first month, you can earn double miles also 1 Mile for each purchase of 6.50R with your Amex card or expenses of 11.50 with the Mastercard.
  • When you purchase and use your first SAA ticket, you will earn 10,000 bonus miles.
  • When you spend 320,000 Annually, you will earn 15,000 bonus miles.
  • Earn one annual continental or global companion ticket upon reaching spending limits, which can be extended for 12 months or split into two domestic companion tickets.
  • You can donate your companion ticket to another traveler when purchasing SAA flights with the SAA Voyager Gold Credit Card.

When you travel, you will have automatic basic insurance recharged at a low price, and you can even receive optional credit life insurance if you become disabled, contract a terminal illness, or in the worst-case scenario, die. Credit life insurance also extends to a layoff.

Every day the number of people who believe in Nedbank is increasing, obtaining benefits that are not limited to a bank loan. Nedbank adapts its services to the needs of its users.

You can materialize the lifestyle of your dreams, and at the same time, you create a good credit history, which will allow you to access higher credits with unbeatable benefits.


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