Credit cards are financial products that support customers to pay their monthly bills, face unexpected situations like medical emergencies, make large purchases and much more. One card that stands out in South Africa is the RMB Private Bank Credit Card, it provides a more rewarding and hassle-free experience for clients.

This card offers good solutions to its users with tailored benefits based on their needs.It’s a good fit for people who are looking for a credit card that provides premium benefits with an affordable price. You can also enjoy a safe banking experience, with more peace of mind when making purchases.

The Wired Cabin Team prepared a complete guide to discover more about this card’s benefits and features, pricing, and learn how to apply for it. Read it until the end to learn more!



RMB Private Bank Credit Card Benefits

This card provide a lot benefits to ensure a rewarding experience to its customers, see below the main features:

  • Metal card: RMB Private Bank offers to their clients the possibility to get a metal card that is more durable and eco-friendly than plastic ones. The metal version is optional and you have to pay R 1050 per card, that charge can be rebated if you are on at least eBucks Rewards Level 3.
  • Interest-free: with this card you can enjoy up to 55 days of interest-free, offering more flexibility to you to make purchases and allowing you to save some money in that period.
  • eBucks Travel benefits: the RMB Private Bank Credit Card provides a lot of travel perks to its clients, making it a good option for frequent travelers. You can enjoy features like up to 40% off on selected domestic and international flights, it also includes discounts on car hire and buses. This is a powerful tool to help you on your adventures in South Africa or abroad.
  • Airport Lounge Access: this card offers to its customers up to 36 complimentary Airport Lounge visits per year, depending on their reward level. Users also can earn up to 24 bonus Airport Lounge visits when booking a flight with eBucks Travel, it is available for domestic and international bookings. Clients can enjoy the comfort provided by luxurious SLOW and Bidvest Premier Lounges, they get access to facilities like high speed WiFi internet, spa treatments, a selection of books and newspapers, snacks, beverages and much more.
  • eBucks Rewards: with the RMB Private Bank Credit Card, you earn rewards over time, cardholders can get up to 15% in eBucks at Shoprite Checkers and iStore purchasing with your card, and up to R8/litre back in eBucks at Engen. This credit card provides rewards on some transactions made, improving your banking experience to another level. Also, it’s possible to earn eBucks from partners like Mr D Food, Takealot, Superbalist, etc.
  • Travel Insurance: Purchasing returning flight tickets with your RMB Private Bank Credit Card provides global travel insurance for your adventures anywhere you go in the world. You can get access to up to R5 million cover for the first 90 days of your trip. That coverage is offered only to people up to the age of 70, not yet 71.
  • Additional cards: you can share your credit limit with family and friends, just for free, it’s possible to request up to 5 additional cards without extra costs.
  • RMB Private Bank App: enjoy the functionalities of an user-friendly app with the RMB Private Bank App. That platform allows you to check your transaction history, temporarily block or unblock your card, see the rewards earned, make payments and much more. This app is available for Android, iOS and Huawei.

What You Should Have to Apply

To apply for the RMB Private Bank Credit Card you should meet some criteria. See below:

  • Earn R 750 000 or more annually
  • Or have a net asset value in excess of R15 million
  • Have at least 18 years old

You may also need to provide some documents in the application process, see below:

  • Proof of identity: a South African ID or a Passport
  • Proof of residence: not older than 3 months
  • Proof of income: latest playslip or three months bank statements
  • For non-residents: will be required your passport, a valid work permit and other documents.

About the RMB Private Bank

Founded in 1977, the RMB Private Bank offers tailored financial services for the south african population, with the goal to provide solutions like credit and debit cards, investments, advice, global accounts, and much more.

RMB Private Bank is a reputable financial institution in South Africa, this institution has a robust history and legacy in the country.

Who is this Card for?

The RMB Private Bank Card is ideal for frequent travelers that can enjoy a wide range of travel perks like airport lounge visits, travel insurance and discounts on tickets. Also, it can be a good option for those who value earning eBucks rewards in some purchases made, it can improve the customers experience for another level.

You can also have access to up to 55 days of interest-free, offering the possibility to save some money thanks to the absence of interest during this period.


Step by Step to Apply for the RMB Private Bank Credit Card

The application process of this card is easy and simplified, with a few minutes you can complete it, see below the step by step to apply:

On the App

  1. Download the RMB Private Bank App
  2. Go to the app
  3. Create an bank account
  4. Provide the info required
  5. Review if you meet the card requirements to apply
  6. Click on “Order your card today” then “Credit Account”
  7. Go to “Account Options” and after that select “My Card”
  8. Select “Add Card”
  9. Choose between two card options: metal or plastic
  10. Fill out your application form
  11. Complete your request and schedule for delivery

On the Website

  1. Review if you meet the card requirements to apply
  2. Visit the RMB Private Bank official website
  3. Press the “Apply Now” button
  4. Start your application by filling out the form
  5. Provide accurate information about your income, residence status, personal details and more
  6. Review the info provided
  7. Submit the application
  8. Wait for approval

Following this step by step, you can pass through this process with ease. Start it by clicking on the green button on this page.

Pros and Cons of this card

The RMB Private Bank Credit Card has pros and cons, evaluate them to make your decision to apply or not, see below:


  • Provides 36 Complimentary Airport Lounge visits per year
  • Travel Insurance
  • Up to 5 additional cards for free
  • Up to 40% discount on selected domestic and international flights, car hire and buses when booking through eBucks Travel


  • Picky eligibility criteria
  • Earn eBucks only on selected partners
  • Poor cashback offerings

Fees and Tariffs

See below the main costs associated with the RMB Private Bank Credit Card:

  • Monthly fee: R 278.21
  • Credit Facility service fee: R 17.20
  • Initiation fee (once-off): Up to a maximum of R175
  • Urgent delivery: R265
  • Card replacement fee: R150 per card

Customer service

You can contact the RMB Private Bank on these channels:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Telephone: 087 575 9411
  • International telephone: 011 369 1134 / 011 303 5050
  • Fax: 0860 67 4444
  • International fax: 0860 67 4444
  • For in-person assistance, find a branch here

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