Whatever your reasons for applying for a bank loan, NedBank is the right place for you. Regardless of your new lifestyle, plans, goals, dreams, or whatever the reason may be. The Nedbank Platinum Credit Card will adapt to everything you need. Not only that, from the acquisition of the credit, you can access different benefits ranging from discounts on purchases, benefits for travelers, and even insurance for your credit.


Nedbank Platinum Credit Card

Credit rates

Depending on your goals, dreams, or fulfillment of the initial objectives before acquiring the credit, it is possible to customize the different rates and credit options. 

The monthly service fee starts from R60, while the minimum credit facility fee is R30. With the Nedbank Platinum Credit Card, you can get up to 55 days interest-free, customized interest rate, and zero fees at card swipe.


In case of theft or loss, the client can apply for a first additional card at no extra charge. In case of requesting another card, the fee is 35R. If you wish to link your card with Greenbacks, the linkage fee is 25R.

What can I get with my Nedbank Platinum Credit Card?

When paying or shopping, you can receive reward points, flexible payment options, budgeting service, and even a minimum 5% rebate on the outstanding balance used in all types of stores, online, for ATM withdrawals, and at merchants abroad.

Lifestyle discounts

Regardless of the lifestyle, you want to have, with your NedBank credit card, you receive discounts at merchants of all kinds. Some of these are:

  • 50% off movie tickets.
  • Restaurants.
  • Guided tours.
  • By putting your fingerprint on BP you can earn up to R20,00 on fuel.
  • Accommodations.

With each purchase made and reward points, you can also receive discounts or vouchers for services.


Travel with NedBank Platinum Credit Card 

If you are a travel enthusiast, with your credit card, you will receive several benefits that will allow you to have the trip of your dreams. Some of these benefits are::

  • Travel insurance of up to R 3 million.
  • Access to Bidvest Premier Club lounges at domestic airports with the opportunity to travel up to 12 times per year.
  • Receive Hertz and Avis car rental discounts when linking the card with Greenbacks.

All discounts and travel benefits will be tailored to each customer’s credit limit and profile. 

Credit Insurance

If the owner is the victim of an accident and dies, becomes disabled, contracts an illness, or gets fired, NedBank has optional life insurance coverage.

The Nedbank Platinum Credit Card includes protection for any purchase made, with the option of a chargeback, avoiding any double discount when swiping the card.

Security and accessibility 

NedBank allows you to consult and manage all your transactions in real-time, set transfer limits, and block, replace, activate or deactivate the card through the Money application, online banking platform, via SMS, or by calling 0800-110-929.

You can also make your payments and purchases through the QR code scanning function or by linking your card to different payment platforms, such as:

  • Apple Pag.
  • Fitbit Pay.
  • Samsung Pay.
  • Garmin Pay.

For further protection of the credit account, the card can’t be used without establishing a PIN that complies with the security specifications of PIN protection. Said pin cannot be shared, as this could affect the credibility of the client.

In case of non-compliance with the confidentiality agreements between the banking platform and the client, NedBank may take measures to maintain the credibility of the institution.

Guidance at every step

The customer service team, despite offering its services in a personalized way and at the disposal of each client, has also designed specific guides about frequently asked questions or how to make use of functions of the platform. Some of these guides are:

  • Card management.
  • Rewards management.
  • Rewards programs.
  • You will also receive tips and measures to keep you safe from buyer fraud.


NedBank is a banking platform that enables its customers to make the most of their credits. With the right tools and recommendations, you can meet any goal, achieve any objective, and acquire a new lifestyle.

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