If you are looking for an environment that safely broadens your horizons, Monzo accounts are your best alternative. We offer you great possibilities through the different types of accounts and cards issued.With our Monzo card, you can make purchases anywhere worldwide in stores that accept Mastercard. Best of all, there are no foreign transaction fees.


Monzo Card

With Monzo cards, you can spend under pre-determined budgets. What kind of payment method is that? It consists of setting a payment limit for an activity. If you want to go shopping or travel and have implemented this tool, we will notify you as soon as you make your payments. We also describe your remaining capital and warn you if you are spending too fast or have exceeded the limit.

Monzo Flex

We thought of every possibility. Therefore, we have created the alternative of spreading the cost of your purchases. Monzo Flex allows you to pay for almost anything in several installments. We offer three, six, or twelve installments depending on your request.


Monzo Flex is a credit for people who have reached the age of majority and where terms and conditions apply. Our clients need to know that late payment of an installment can have consequences on their credit history and they can lose the interest-free rates of existing plans.

The commissions are a 24% APR representative variable. That is 24% annual interest depending on your application. Also, credit limit amounts are €1200.

With Monzo Frex, you can fulfill great expectations in purchases. But, you must use this credit wisely to benefit you in everything you intend to acquire. Monzo always strives to help you and provide you with quality services, security, and new opportunities.


Applying for a loan is easier than you can imagine. There’s no need to fill out a form or worry that a late payment will affect your credit history or add fees if you pay off early. Instead, Monzo loans are very affordable.

With representative APRs of 10.5% on loans of €10 000, 23.9% applies. You can borrow up to €25 000.

Our branch allows our customers to compare the cost of different credit products through APR. It is a way to provide orderly information for decision-making when applying for a loan. We must help you optimally manage your capital. To achieve this, we give loans and overdrafts.

Commercial accounts

The accounts available at Monzo contribute positively to improving the security and functioning of finances, depending on each client’s request. For this reason, business accounts are also available.

The Monzo Business account provides a broader financial picture, allowing greater independence in your banking processes. We aimed this type of account at small businesses to keep expenses and profits on the sidelines, ensuring efficient administration.

We can assure our clients that we comply with regulations other banks also have. We offer online banking alternatives, where you can consult through a smartphone. Also, our customer service is award-winning and available 24/7.

All are essential characteristics that define our ability to handle small business finances. And allow our customers:

  • Free and immediate UK banking transactions.
  • Real-time notifications keep you informed of movements via Monzo card or online banking.
  • Segregate capital in what we call “pots” to have money in reserve, which your total balance doesn’t reflect.
  • Have a connection to accounting tools to ensure flawless banking processes.
  • Have separate virtual cards for each pot to control expenses depending on the source.

Pricing, fees, and more

The commissions or additional costs we handle in Monzo are low fees, which help the accessibility of most of the tools in the available accounts. We may charge fees for services like integrated accounting, multi-user access, invoicing, exclusive offers, virtual cards, money pots, etc.

The costs vary according to the service applied. Some examples can be €1 to pay cash in PayPoint or apply 3%.

On the other hand, you can choose to reserve for taxes, automatically saving a percentage of the income you have in your account. This alternative makes it easy to set aside money and you don’t have to worry about saving or being zeroed out.

We analyzed all the features, types of accounts, costs, and commissions. Also, we seek to provide safe and secure banking because our cards are efficient in their operations and manage affordable prices. Monzo will always be your best choice.