Our clients can enjoy quality services at no additional cost. These banking operations are free of charge and easy to execute. In addition, we offer finance programs that will help you considerably. Our tools are available through Nedbank applications. You can choose and set terms on your account, pre-set spending, deactivate the Nedbank card, and other related activities.

Nedbank Money Account

You need to know that you can do all Nedbank functions from your home, office, park, or wherever you are. You just need access to the internet and a smart device that allows you to download our Nedbank Money app. The Money app offers you great opportunities. It has an intuitive and secure interface that gives you access to your financial transactions but also allows you to accept special offers, promotions, or transactions without additional costs.


Money app features

The Money app can help you perform multiple activities. Its efficiency is not questionable. Moreover, you can access it and carry out banking processes whenever you want.


There are many features of the Nedbank Money app, but the most significant are as follows:

  • You can change the phone number registered in your account using selfie image verification methods.
  • You can schedule payments to settle your bills. You can also receive rewards if you use this option.
  • Create virtual cards to make online payments. Virtual cards are similar to physical cards. You can get a virtual card for each account.
  • Through the Money app, you can unlock great savings opportunities and rewards promotions for the solutions we have designed for family banking.
  • You can set up approval functions for payments made on your account, i.e., you must confirm that this transaction has been authorized and is not fraudulent.

These have been the latest updates to the Nedbank Money application. With them, we seek to provide better functionality and thus improve your experience with our services and branch.

How should I use the Money app?

Maybe, you don’t have a clear idea of how to use our app. Don’t worry. We provide you with app banking guides that describe all the processes step by step.

You can find the sequence to operate online through the Money app, learn how to register, and create a profile. Also, learn how to schedule payments, the limits you can set for spending, and other functions such as activating or deactivating your Nedbank card.

Don’t wait any longer. Consult the practical guides in our branch. There you can learn about all the great features of our applications and the extensive opportunities they have to manage and optimize your finances.

Nedbank Identification

If you want full access to your account, you need to establish a Nedbank ID to recognize your name and password to allow you to trade online. With your ID, you can manage your Nedbank ID through the Money app or online banking.

If you don’t have a user and set up a password yet, now is the right time to do it. These details allow you to log in to the Money application to access our bank’s online services and products.

In addition, if you have any doubts about registration and creating a user, you can consult Nedbank’s practical guides, search in the FAQ section or contact an operator of our branch by calling 0800 555 111.

In general, the registration process is straightforward. We are confident that you can do it without any hassle.

Digital Banking

The digital channels we make available to our customers represent fast, secure, and convenient alternatives to perform all banking operations without additional fees or going to our branches.

We consider your time. Therefore, we provide you with tools that include money apps and online and mobile banking. We created these options to fulfill functions like payments, shopping, administration, and more.

We ensure adequate services that allow our customers to enjoy economic benefits and efficient tools. We are proud of our Nedbank Money app, as it meets expectations and performs well in finance.

We must ensure that your capital is safe and that you can carry out transparent banking processes giving you control of your movements. Therefore, the Money app is the right one to fulfill this task.


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