The cards at Nedbank fulfill specific functions according to their nature, debit or credit. But they share similarities in terms of unlimited swipes and no additional fees.Regardless of the type of Nedbank card, you can activate or deactivate it if you deem it necessary. You can also add extra security through passwords or informed transactions, which will only happen if you confirm the transaction.


Nedbank Gold Card

If you want to replace a Nedbank card, you can request it in the Money application, through online banking, or a phone call to our operators.

Save wisely with MyPocket.

At Nedbank, you can have the alternative of creating a savings account, which allows you to link with MyPocket to earn interest of up to 4.5% on your saved capital.


Creating a savings account is easy, and the sequence to follow is simple and secure. In addition, you can have up to ten savings pockets and earn good rewards. If you don’t have a savings account, we invite you to create one through our Money application or online banking. The process is free.

With Nedbank, you can access your saved money whenever you need it. If opting for the Money Smart account, you can have tools to cover your basic banking needs, adding more benefits.

Smart packages

If you’re looking for practical banking, you can take advantage of all the plans and packages Nedbank designed and offers for your everyday banking convenience. We put flexible credit, travel benefits, set monthly fees, and more at your fingertips.

If you opt for the platinum smart package, you’ll have access to an overdraft line of credit when needed, credit card links, and money orders with no additional fees applied. In addition, ATM withdrawals and deposits are completely free.

The platinum package has a monthly value of R220 with membership in dollars. With this package, you have ample alternatives: Greenbacks cash earnings, special offers on Nedbank Avo, travel insurance, additional savings on Greenbacks Travel, and many other benefits.


Private Client

Another alternative to enhance your online banking experience is to become a private client. Free slides, electronic transactions, debit orders, and notes are allowed as well as withdrawals and ATM deposits of up to R40,000.

Having private client status gives you free access to Greenbacks Card Swipe packages. Our branch offers credit alternatives, interest-free installments, secondary cards, replacement cards, and more.

Being a private customer requires a monthly fee. The fee will be R380. Terms and conditions apply. It is crucial to know that despite the price, you will have better chances to experience professional banking since they are accounts with significant transactional value. The cards issued have local and international benefits.

With this banking option, your family members can acquire lifestyle benefits. Additionally, you will have rebates and discounts depending on how much you use your card. And, the years you have used Nedbank.

Other particularities are loans and vehicle financing, offers, and purchases in Avo from Nedbank, among other quality financial activities.

Family banking at Nedbank

To unlock excellent savings offers, count on the platform for the family’s financial well-being. Family Banking provides qualified financial organization possibilities.

With it, you can get discounts on different accounts, such as the Savvy Plus Gold account, Savvy Bundle Platinum, private client payment accounts, etc.

The best thing about family banking is the rewards that consist of multiple discounts on different options in Nedbank. If you want to be part of this great family, you can log in through the Money application, select the lifestyle alternative, then click on family banking.

At Nedbank, we work to improve our customers’ online banking experience, so we offer a variety of services. Most of them require no additional fees.

You can enjoy the best commercial tools and benefits if you are a client. We guarantee security, commitment, and efficiency in every banking operation, through the different methods of real-time notifications, savings plans, private accounts, and more.


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