Diners Club Credit Card

Diners Club Credit Card! A practical credit card will always be welcome, especially if you love to travel and go out to events. The Diners Club Credit Card is a card you can use abroad for just a 2% fee. To start using it, you must make a request. Upon receipt, you need an initial one-time charge of R180.00.

If you want to know other features of the Diners Club Credit Card, keep reading.


Outstanding features and benefits of the Diners Club credit card

The Diners Club Credit Card is a card that has many features that set it apart from other similar credit cards. Here are some of them:

  • Access to the VIP lounge of the Airport.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Account issued in 48 hours.
  • It includes 55 days without interest.
  • It offers the possibility of having secondary cards for free.
  • You can receive updates and transaction notifications in real time.
  • The protection plan is available in case of loss or theft of the card. You can request a new card for free.
  • You can access more than 1,000 airport lounges in more than 131 countries.
  • Free Spa treatments on international departures from OR Tambo.
  • Discounts of up to 35% on flights with Emirates Airlines.
  • By having this card, you are part of the Avis club.
  • You can access the Diners Club Travel mobile application and verify the card’s travel benefits.
  • You will receive invitations to certain Connoisseur events related to wine, whiskey, coffee, chocolate, etc.
  • You can redeem ClubMiles in the Club’s online store for gifts.
  • The credit card protection plan is available. In an accident, disability, or even death, credit can cover your debt, but it is optional.
  • You can have free access to millions of Wifi hotspots by accessing the Diners Club Travel Tools app.
  • Accounts with access to Forex. You can do it through Travelex. Delivery is available anywhere in the country.
  • You can receive benefits such as concierge service and phase 1 travel insurance.
  • You have access to customer service seven days a week.
  • There is no initiation fee on a new card and loyalty program.
  • Points of Sale, ATMs, and digital platforms accept the Diners Club credit card.
  • You can get discounted flights, accommodation, restaurant reservations, etc., as rewards when using the Diners Club Credit Card.

Standard Bank Diners Club Credit Card Fees

The following rates are valid as of November 17, 2020. These rates are subject to change without notice:

  • Monthly fee: R80.00
  • Credit limit: Custom
  • Interest rate: Fixed
  • Minimum monthly payment: 3%
  • Main card: R840.00
  • Secondary Card: Free
  • Initial Charge: R180.00
  • Foreign cargo handling fee: 2%
  • Diners Club Credit Card Interest Rate: Prime Rate + 7.25%
  • Club Miles monthly rewards fee: R22.42
  • SAA Voyager Rewards Monthly Fee: R32.50
  • BA Exec Club Rewards Monthly Fee: R32.50
  • ATM Cash Deposit Fee: R2.35 per R100.00
  • Branch Cash Deposit Fee: R10.00 + R2.35 per R100.00
  • ATM cash withdrawals at Standard Bank: R2.35 per R100.00
  • Standard Bank branch cash withdrawal fee: R55.00 + R2.35 for R100.00
  • Cash withdrawals at ATMs of other banks: R10.00 + R2.35 for R100.00
  • International Cash Withdrawal Fee: R50.00 + R2.35 per R100.00
  • Manual Funds Transfer: R40.00
  • Late Payment Charge: R170.00
  • An additional copy of a monthly account statement: R30.00
  • Balance inquiry at a Standard Bank ATM: R1.60
  • Lost Card Replacement Fee: Local R200.00
  • Lost Card Replacement Fee – International R310.00

Requirements to obtain the Credit Card

If you wish to acquire the Standard Bank Diners Club Credit Card, you must meet the requirements that we leave below:

  • You must have an income per year of R500,000.00 or more.
  • Possess a certified copy of identification if you are a South African citizen. If you are not, you have to present a valid passport.
  • Proof of residence, which can be a utility bill, valid for no more than three months, at the time of the application. If you live with another person, you must have an affidavit showing the relationship with that person.
  • Copy of the last income statement (IRP5) or bank movements not older than three months.

You have to present these documents and have them with you when making the application, either online or in person. If you are missing any documents or don’t meet any requirements, we recommend you not apply since the bank might reject you.


The Standard Bank Diners Club Credit Card offers its users numerous travel benefits. Therefore, this card is specifically for people who live a particular lifestyle.

The good thing about this card is that it has advantages related to conventional credit cards besides travel benefits like a protection program, the option to replace cards in case of loss or theft, a free second card, and an interest rate personalized, among others.

On the other hand, the minimum income you need to apply for the card is R500,000.00, an income few people in South Africa receive per year, but other card options can adapt to your needs.


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