When talking about credit, there are many options on the table. However, which ones suit you? The answer to this is in the Diners Club Platinum Credit Card, a card tailored to each user’s lifestyle.

Diners Clubs Platinum Credit Card

Knowing the characteristics, advantages, and benefits of Diners Clubs Platinum is fundamental for the correct use of the resources granted to the client by the credit institution. These benefits were designed to be accessible to all types of customers, taking into account that for many customers this may be their first credit experience.



From the first moment of entering the platform until obtaining the loan, the main objective is to offer accessibility and convenience to the user. Based on this, the first requirement for the credit application is a copy of identification certified by the South African entities or, in case of not being a South African citizen, to have a valid passport to apply.


Another requirement is proof of residential address accompanied by a bill from any utility service with an issue date no older than three months. If the applicant does not own a home, an affidavit from another individual confirming the applicant’s residency status is required.

It is also necessary to submit a copy of the last income tax return as well as original and stamped bank statements for the last three months before applying. Likewise, a salary notice verifying the client’s ability to comply with the credit payment conditions is required.

Diners Clubs Platinum Credit Card Special Features

It is essential to take into account all those features and functions that allow you to enhance the benefits of being a Diners Clubs Platinum member. Some of these are:

  • Fast account issuance, with an approximate range of 48 hours.
  • 55 days completely free of interest in case of canceling the monthly payment before the established time.
  • Acquisition of secondary cards completely free of charge.
  • Updating and notification of transactions in real-time.
  • Receive account statements either online, by e-mail, or even by mail.
  • The Diners Club Platinum credit card is accepted at ATMs and points of sale.

Security Guaranteed

One of the major concerns when choosing a credit institution is the veracity and security provided by the same.

Standard Bank is recognized as a credit institution with high levels of security and credibility. Standard Bank implements strict security measures, assuring its clients the protection of both the personal data provided and the goods acquired through the loan application.

Mobile platform

Today’s world is in constant evolution and technology is a fundamental part of these changes. Standard Bank has taken this very seriously, introducing a mobile application that allows the client to enjoy the Diners Clubs Platinum Credit Card services more completely.

Through the application, it is possible to consult and manage the credit card, activate or deactivate it, and even increase the credit limit, among many other benefits. It is also possible to use SnapScan, a scanner application in which the Diners Club card can be loaded and used at more than 50,000 stores throughout South Africa.

Standard Bank has created complementary options to help customers in specific situations, such as last-minute travel. One of these applications is Diners Club Travel Tools, which provides global access to more than 65 million WIFI hotspots, as well as airport lounge information.


Benefits for travelers

Features and tools specifically designed for customers who travel regularly or for those who wish to do so, allow the customer to gain access to a variety of benefits, which make the travel experience more satisfying:

  • Discounts on flights, according to flight level: Economy flights: 20%; First Class: 15% and Business flights: 15% (excluding airport fees).
  • Access to multiple airport lounges in more than 500 cities worldwide.
  • Discounts at Tsogo Sun establishments when you receive a VIP membership through Tsogo Sun Hotels Rewards.
  • Airport transfers with negotiated rates and check-in tracking.
  • Car rental at Avis Preferred Plus through Diners Club.
  • Lodging and reservations.
  • Guided tours.
  • Restaurants, cinemas, theaters, and any means of entertainment.
  • Automatic and free travel insurance with each public transportation ticket purchased with the Diners Club card (air, land, rail).
  • Complementary travel insurance.

In case of being a frequent flyer, the customer can opt for the rewards program, which allows earning miles on flights and accommodations through ClubMiles.

Personalized assistance

The Diners Clubs Platinum customer service team offers 24/7 personalized assistance to all its members, as well as a digital platform that offers Premium Counseling Services for Diners Clubs, allowing the user to learn about exclusive and personalized offers based on the user’s preferences.

According to the client’s preferences, they could receive counseling services to learn more about the lifestyle they wish to adopt, either in the entertainment area, receiving invitations to special events, such as wine, coffee, chocolates, etc., or in the sports area, such as discounts in golf stores and related benefits.

The counseling service supports the client in adapting in the best way to the new lifestyle acquired, regardless of the area to which special attention is given, whether it is related to culinary tastes, business, travel, or sports, among others.

Advance hand in hand with Diners Club Platinum Credit Card 

Standard Bank has designed the Diners Clubs Platinum Credit Card plan to offer its clients a variety of tools and benefits that improve and even facilitate the credit process. It offers easy payment modalities, adaptation, and personalization of credit limits and monthly fees to pay to make the customer’s experience a testimony of the countless advantages of acquiring a Diners Clubs Platinum Credit Card.