Travel is wonderful. Knowing and experiencing the different cultures and landscapes that abound in the world, apart from being a pleasant memory, is one of the objectives that British Airways offers its customers.
With the British credit card, booking flight tickets through Avios is now possible. We use this alternative to give our customers the possibility of traveling to different places in the world and accumulating Avios in each of the purchases registered on their credit cards.

 British Airways Credit Card

British Airways is an airline that aims to fly at zero net carbon emissions by 2050 to contribute to environmental welfare. You will be able to travel in modern, fuel-efficient airplanes and receive quality service, and the best part, you can redeem the ticket for the Avios you earned.


Executive Club

Once the customer registers in Executive Club, they can accumulate reward points, also known as Avios. Surely you are wondering how to get Avios. It is simple. British Airways records the purchases made with your credit card to obtain reward points.


You can earn Avios when you fly, pay for hotel stays, rent cars, or do other activities. There are exceptions, such as balance transfers, cash advances, online gambling expenses, casino gaming, internet payees, delinquent payments, and billed amounts, among other expenses.

Avios can be earned or purchased, either for yourself or as a gift to other Executive Club members. You can also have a family account to share Avios with your family members, up to a limit of six people, including children.

Another way to share Avios includes reward points for friends or the use of the companion coupon, granted once a year only if the customer meets the requirements established in our policy.

If you have other account types, such as Iberia Plus or Qatar Airways Privilege Club, you can opt to combine Avios. And if you look closely at any of our alternatives, you will be a happy winner, with the possibility of redeeming the rewards for round-trip flight reservations to dream places.


British Airways Credit Card Terms and Conditions

Once you have your British Airways credit card, you should know that the first month’s charges begin when you open your account, not when you receive your card. In addition, as a welcome bonus, you will be awarded 9,000 Avios with your first purchases in two installments within the three-month limit.

This welcome bonus will be eligible only once per customer. For every transaction within the parameters of British Airways, the cardholder will get one avio for every R7.50 spent with the card and one avio for every R5.00 spent exclusively on British Airways, the airline.

Another crucial point for the acquisition of Avios is the card year. The customer can enjoy special benefits after 12 months of credit card usage, depending on the amount spent during that period.

How do I issue a British Airways Credit Card?

Issuance is the responsibility of registered and authorized financial services and credit providers. Absa Bank Limited, a branch that will handle all financial information related to the card, issues the British Airways credit card.

British Airways is the responsibility of Absa Bank Limited and British Airways PLC. If there are any questions regarding the credit card, please contact Absa British Airways by email or by phone at 0861 4 22 000.


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