To achieve this goal, we use digital technology, which opens up a global landscape for receiving or transferring foreign exchange to numerous countries abroad.


BeMobile Card

According to our figures, more than 1,700 adults worldwide do not have a bank account. In BeMobile African, we have proposed to cover a large part of that figure by offering free accounts and online banking with the best financial alternatives allowing the optimization of banking processes.

Easy payments

With BeMobile, paying is very easy. We have different options that enrich your money management proactively.


One is peer-to-peer, where you can transfer to people from approximately 35 countries. It will be your choice of currency you want to use. This process is free of charge for BeMobile African users.

Bill payments on BeMobile are free. You can make them for anyone from anywhere. If you use a Visa card, you can use a wide range of currencies, i.e., you can pay with your card anywhere. The currency exchange will be free of charge.

Bank transfers

BeMobile also allows your customers to exchange capital securely. When someone transfers to your account, BeMobile holds the money until both parties are connected, thus completing the exchange and preventing fraudulent actions.

To send money, you need some data. You only need the phone number of the person transferring the money or the bank account with a fraction of the cost. And that’s it! BeMobile will track it down for you.

When sending or receiving electronic payments, you can make them through networks such as SWIFT, Interact, and SEPA.


You can handle 22 currencies financially. The fee for such handling is 1% and requires no additional costs, such as installation, monthly prices, or minimum balance.

Also, Merchants can receive their payments through Widget Play With BeMobile. That is possible by adding a line of code to their site. These tools make paying more accessible in different parts of the world. They are secure and allow the user to handle more payment options, therefore, more possibilities to succeed in e-commerce.


Saving system

Saving is a crucial action. Therefore, we have created an intelligent savings plan that motivates and helps you to save seriously. If you want to participate, you must get a BeMobile savings account. There you can invest in USD or EUR and get 5% annually.

Generally, savings accounts in other banks hold the money for 12 months. But in BeMobile, we work differently. You can withdraw your capital and the interest you earned after 90 days.

You can open this account by depositing 100 USD or the equivalent in your currency. And if you handle concepts and methods like blockchain very well, you can make the most of your money.


The loans we offer our clients at BeMobile do not require securing other assets. Instead, you are credited with the capital and get the freedom to use it on whatever you need.

At BeMobile, there is a buy now, pay later alternative. You can purchase the item you require and pay in installments. This method is useful to get necessary things and not create an immediate impact on your pocket.

We create a salary advance to help you. Many people need to receive their salary earlier and not wait a month for it. Therefore, BeMobile credits your account every Friday if you opt for this alternative.

Loans such as the buy now, pay later, or salary advance has a reason for being. That reason is to offer unconditional help to those who need it. Also, to teach the population that having a bank account is necessary to manage, buy, and save their money wisely.

BeMobile seeks to motivate and provide quality financial tools through fast registrations, efficient payments, and transactions and plans developed to meet the needs of our customers.

We have to provide you with capital and excellent financial services. Yours is to take advantage of the tools we provide and pay the fees according to your budget. BeMobile rightly promotes reciprocal banking, working for the economic well-being of Africa.


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