FNB Aspire Credit Card! A well-managed credit card can bring many advantages to the cardholder, as it can get them out of many tight spots in emergencies. The Aspire Credit Card is a credit card with an acceptable credit limit that you can increase or decrease according to your needs and other benefits, including travel insurance, rewards for using it, and the possibility of online purchases.

To learn more about the Aspire Credit Card, read for more information.


FNB Aspire Credit Card Benefits

With the Aspire Credit Card, you can manage your finances well and keep your daily spending under control. In addition, you can enjoy the benefits it offers, such as:

  • You can enjoy a personalized interest rate.
  • You can opt for 55 days interest-free by paying your debt on time.
  • You can enjoy easy budgeting.
  • You have the option of automatic payment.
  • Balance transfer.
  • You can make revisions to increase or decrease your credit limit.
  • You have an automatic debt protection program.
  • You have global travel insurance free of charge when you pay for your airline ticket with your credit card.
  • Access to exclusive offers at selected partners at a competitive interest rate.
  • You have two free SLOW lounge visits per year when you book a flight with eBucks Travel.
  • You will enjoy the benefits of the FNB application, among which you will be able to manage and know all the details of your card transactions.
  • Access to banking at any time.
  • 24/7 customer service.
  • You can make contactless payments by touching your card or cell phone to pay for purchases. Of course, you must add the card to Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, or Samsung Pay®.
  • You have free access to Equifax’s VantageScore 3.0 credit score.
  • Quick and easy application process.
  • Get a 3% cash back reward on purchases or payments for gas, groceries, or utilities.
  • No security required

Aspire Credit Card fees and commissions

The associated fees and commissions to acquire a credit card are crucial for you to know. To learn more about the Aspire Credit Card, you can visit the official FNB website. Here are some of them:

  • Credit Facility Service Fee: R17.00
  • Credit card monthly fee: R25.00
  • Additional card fee: R17.50
  • Petro linked card (per card linked to the account): R21.00
  • Credit card purchases: Free
  • FNB Budgetary purchases with credit card: Free
  • FNB cash withdrawal fees ATM: R2.30 per R100.00
  • FNB ATM and mini ATMs of other banks: R12.00 + R2.30 per R100.00
  • FNB mini ATM: R2.30 per R100.00
  • Branch (includes all branches of financial institutions and purchase of foreign currency): R80.00 + R2.85 per R100.00
  • Cash on Budget: R80.00 + R2.85 per R100.00
  • International (ATM and Branch): R80.00 + R2.85 per R100.00
  • Cash@Till®: Free
  • FNB ATM with Automated Deposit Terminal (ADT): R1.30 per R100.00
  • FNB branch and FNB ATM with envelope deposits: R80.00 + R2.85 per R100.00
  • Linked account transfers and IVR Smart Transfer IVR account payments to FNB: Free
  • Transfers from linked accounts: Free
  • Third-party payments: R8.50
  • Telephone banking (consultant assisted): R80.00
  • Transfers and installments at the FNB branch: R80.00
  • Coupon retrieval requests Local: R105.00 International R295.00
  • Online subscriptions, mobile banking, and inContact: Free
  • inContact notifications: Free
  • Pay with your card: Free
  • Mobile transfers and eChannel: Free
  • Mobile payments and eChannel: Free
  • Internal and external debit orders: Free

Application Requirements

If you wish to apply for this credit card, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Possess a good credit score.
  • Be of legal age at the time of application, i.e., 18 years old or older.
  • You must have an income between R84,000.00 – R449,999.00 per annum.
  • Possess identification as a South African citizen.

After verifying that you meet these benefits, you must have the following documents on hand:

  • South African ID book or smart card.
  • Proof of the last three months’ income.
  • Certificate of current residency.
  • Spouse’s letter of consent, in case the card applicant is married.

The bank may not approve you for the card if you do not meet these requirements and don’t have the documents. Therefore, before applying, you should verify that you meet all the requirements. In addition, the bank will verify your credit history before approving your application.

If you realize that you can’t meet the requirements to apply for this card, you can check the bank’s official website for other credit cards that better suit your needs.


Aspire Credit Card is not a top-tier card, but it is a card that is affordable enough for many South Africans and offers benefits that are second to none.

Free transactions, rewards programs, offers, travel insurance, life insurance, contactless payments, discounts on international purchases, debt protection programs, personalized interest rates, periodic reviews of the credit limit, and customer service are some of the most attractive benefits of the Aspire Credit Card.

However, if you want to enjoy these benefits to the fullest, it is best to have an account with FNB.

In conclusion, the Aspire Credit Card is a good option for those just starting in the world of credit, as it can help you build a good credit history. It is paramount that you know everything this card offers and that you can enjoy the benefits to the fullest, always complying responsibly with the debt payments.


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