A bank loan with NedBank opens the door to a new lifestyle, with enough tools and money to achieve any proposed goal. However, having access to bank credit is not only what you need to improve your lifestyle. It is essential to know how to use it and determine its purpose.Learn about the tools, functions, and benefits of The American Express Gold Credit Card and improve your quality of life.


The American Express Gold Credit Card

With a bank credit card, you can access monetary amounts that would otherwise be more complex to acquire. You could achieve some of your goals with The American Express Gold Credit, for example:

  • Expand, remodel or buy a property.
  • Start or expand a business.
  • Personal expenses for food and utility payments.
  • Emergencies.
  • Tuition payments.
  • Among others.

How to apply?

If this is your first time at NedBank, the first step is to create your account through the online platform, by visiting a branch, or through the Money app. To complete your credit application, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a citizen residing in South Africa, over 18 years of age, present identification or if applicable, a valid passport accompanied by a work permit.
  • Payroll or bank statements for three months before application.
  • Possess a minimum salary of R 17,000 per month before taxes.
  • If you are a regular member, you have to access your username through the online or mobile platform and submit your application.

On the online platform, you can get more information and recommendations about credit card management, associated rewards programs, reducing the risk of fraud, and much more.

Fees and Credit Limits

The monthly service fee for The American Express Gold Credit Card is 70R. Upon receiving the credit, a one-time initiation fee of 670R is payable. After payment, you must choose whether you will enjoy additional benefits, such as a Membership Reward. The price is 26R per month.

The interest rate is customized based on the level of credit requested. If payment of the monthly debt is made before the payment date, you can receive up to 55 days interest-free. You will receive your card for 160R. In case you lose it, you will receive a free replacement. If you want same-day delivery, the acquisition fee is 450R. All prices are flexible and adapted to the credit profile of the members.

The best way to pay

The American Express Gold Credit Card allows you to make purchases at any merchant in South Africa with no additional fees when you swipe your card. You will have complete control of all transactions or movements through the Money application, being able to consult and manage your card from anywhere and at any time. With the app Money, you can also change or request an increase in your credit limit.

To make your payments faster you can access the scanner function using QR codes. Also, for better convenience, you can link your American Express Gold Credit Card with Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay, or Samsung Pay.


Benefits at all times

  • Earn 5,000 Welcome Membership Rewards Bonus Points
  • Earn monthly Avo coupons
  • Enjoy access to VIP lounges at domestic airports
  • See terms and conditions
  • Flexibility
  • Rewards and Discounts
  • Use your card to pay and get 50% off your Nu Metro movie tickets. See details.
  • Join Membership Rewards and earn 1 point for every R5* eligible spend.
  • Pay with points or withdraw your points in cash at any ATM. Get your complimentary Membership Rewards card.

Coverage in the event of an accident: Optionally, you can access the credit life protection option, which comes if the account owner is diagnosed with a terminal illness, becomes disabled, dies, or gets fired.

You can experience the trip of your dreams with the help of The American Express Gold Credit Card. To help you travel confidently, you’ll get up to R4 million in travel insurance. Also, you gain access to Bidvest Premier Club domestic lounges to help you travel the best way. Moreover, to help you get from the airport to your accommodations obtain discounts on local car rentals.


Security is one of the points that often concern applicants for bank loans. NedBank has tools that allow you to view in real-time any irregularity in your account. Whether you have lost your card or mistakenly shared your data with third parties, you can freeze, block or replace the bank card through Online Banking, using the Money application, or by calling 0800-110-929.

For greater security, your chip card cannot be used without the established PIN, which must comply with the protection requirements and thus reduce the risk of losing your bank credit.

Don’t think twice! With security, convenience, and countless benefits, you will receive a credit card that can mean your first steps in a new lifestyle.


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