You may be surprised by all the possibilities that an African Bank Credit Card offers numerous alternatives to facilitate banking processes and provide peace of mind to African Bank customers. To enhance our customers’ experience, the African Bank Credit Card adapts to your lifestyle. This card is accepted globally at all stores and ATMs with the Visa logo.

African Bank Credit Card

It is widely accessible and issued instantly at any of our branches. With the African Bank Credit Card, you can make online transactions and cash withdrawals at points of sale or businesses that are partners with our clients, such as Checkers, Shoprite, Spar, and Pick Pay.


Black Credit Card Features

African Bank is committed to all its customers, knows the importance of maintaining credibility, and has thought of every detail.


The Black Credit Card issues a free SMS notification when successful transactions take place. And for optimal information synchronization and efficiency in our branches, you can set transaction limits. If the customer chooses not to place customized limits, African Bank notifies discretionary default limits.

Another feature of the credit card is that it provides the customer with commercial benefits related to interest earnings on a positive balance. In this regard, our customers are eligible for 62 days of interest-free credit once the outstanding balance settles before the due date.

Credit Life Insurance

At African Bank, we always think of your well-being. In the face of unanticipated insurable events related to life, we require credit life insurance.

We have two classifications for life insurance:

  • The pensioned senior will be covered for death.
  • Non-pensioned seniors will be covered for death, permanent disability, temporary disability, temporary layoff, and downsizing, among others.


Free online and mobile services

With the African Bank Credit Card, registering and connecting online has never been easier. We follow a transparent policy, which allows all our customers to experience security and peace of mind. Transactions at African Bank can be done at your convenience, under a trained customer service team, which can clarify doubts and solve any inconvenience.

With the mobile alternative, you can check your balance from any device and follow simple steps. You can obtain an account statement, settlement quote, tax certificate, and others. In addition, if you want to activate and deactivate your African Bank credit card, you can do it from mobile banking and processes related to your credit limit.

Increased limit and interest rate 

Our clients can have up to 62 days interest-free by paying off their balance before expiration. At African Bank, we seek to reward achievement and responsibility. That is one of the many reasons we allow our customers to earn 3% interest when they have a positive balance on their credit cards.

Another beneficial alternative our branches make available to you is the credit limit increase. If you are natural and have been a customer for six months, you can request a credit increase.

To achieve a credit increase you will be subject to a credit evaluation. The new limits will be immediately available once the request is approved.

How to apply?

You can receive the necessary information at one of the branches. You will be attended to by a team of trained personnel ready to clarify any inconvenience or doubt you may have. You can also reach them through their website. The African Bank app (Android and Apple)or the telephone numbers *120*225# or 0860 333 004 are at your disposal.

The application procedure is simple, considering a credit card offer suitable to your lifestyle. The requirements we ask our customers to apply are as follows:

  • Recent proof of income.
  • You must meet the age limit to be eligible for a credit card at African Bank, being over 18 years old.
  • Have the latest bank records reflecting your account statement over three salaries.
  • Have credit life insurance, which will prove insurable events that compromise the life of the person.


Thinking about improving our services and security system and providing transparency in banking transactions, we have designed a series of recommendations for the user.

For security, always keep the PIN secret, and make sure you receive your credit card after each transaction. If you pay through online services, an OTP will be requested. When you make a contactless swipe, it will be necessary to ask for the PIN.

Your security is our priority. All relevant measures to ensure reliability are indispensable.


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