Many of our customers look to provide their children under 16 with banking alternatives. We have decided to create financial education programs whose objective is to instruct the minors so that when using our services, they use them with prudence and discipline.


Nedbank4Me Card

With Nedbank, you can control the account you have created for your child since, at a young age, people often don’t know how to manage their money. Although the Penny Power program instructs them in financial areas, parents can monitor their children’s bank movements and expenses from the front row, having the option of activating and deactivating the Nedbank4Me card or rejecting transfers and other transactions if they deem it appropriate.

Optimize your savings with Nedbank

Nedbank has created a savings account where parents can keep the money for tuition or college. But above all, protect it from price increases by eliminating unnecessary bank charges.


With our savings account, you can have up to ten savings pockets. Plus, you can get a competitive savings rate. And the best thing about our bank is that it allows you access to your capital when you need it. We prefer working in short periods, as we are sensitive to our clients and leave it up to you to decide whether to withdraw capital if you need to cover an unexpected expense.

Nedbank savings allow you a link to MyPockert. You log in to the Money app or online banking to establish that link. All the steps to follow are simple and don’t add additional costs. The process is free of charge.

You are probably thinking about the savings conditions applied by our branch. You don’t have to worry. We are very flexible in the requirements requested to facilitate the opening and life of our savings accounts.

Now it is possible to start your savings from a pocket with R1. You should know that a policy governs most processes at Nedbank. It does not require additional fees but allows its customers to operate online for free.

Earn profits through interest rates on Savings Accounts

It is essential to mention that savings accounts align with My Pockets. This link allows earnings of up to 5.25% interest per year that we apply to a single pocket. If you have a balance equal to or greater than R10 000, your interest earning rate will be 4.25%.

My Pockets expands your savings possibilities by allowing you to save without monthly fees or set limits. Also, we have a goal savings calculator, whose functions are to name the different pockets you may have. This calculator is called Goal Savings and helps you know how to manage your savings.

Security and movements in your savings account

At Nedbank, we work for the financial well-being of our clients. We offer adequate services and provide administration, regulation, and surveillance tools to avoid fraudulent acts. Our methods are efficient and are issued instantly, like our 24/7 customer service.

Among the security measures, we have implemented the alternative of immediate notifications and different entry methods for your bank account. Among them is opening a savings account through the Money app or online banking, which offers an unlimited term applied to savings, which you can use whenever you need it.

Digital platforms

To make payments, you can implement electronic methods, such as applications or online banking, which allow you to operate online from anywhere and through a smartphone or a PC with internet access. Another alternative is mobile banking, which works without the need for you to have a smartphone.

With mobile banking, we implement the so-called “shortcodes.” What are they? It’s easy. They are USSD codes (*120*001# for Nedbank) to receive payments and manage your account at lower costs.

We find the Nedbank Money and Avo apps among the applications available to access the system and perform banking transactions, balance inquiries or activate and deactivate the cards. The latter has several records of over one million. In this app, you can shop electronically, consult your data, play games, access services, buy a car in Avo Auto, or request a reservation for a family vacation.

Thanks to new technologies applied to banking, you have all services available and can save more money, as you can find special offers or savings on your fuel bill.

Nedbank is a suitable alternative for you and your family. We guarantee transparent and secure processes with quality services and special programs that optimize banking processes.


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