Android smartphones and their batteries are designed to maximize performance while maintaining long-lasting battery usage. The operating systems have a sophisticated mechanism to minimize system services and apps running in the background to increase the device’s battery performance.

However, when we install apps from marketplaces like Google Play Store or Galaxy Store, they have control over battery usage to a certain degree. If an app is faulty or not coded properly, it can drain the battery of a smartphone more than any other app or system service.

Alexa app drains the battery

Unfortunately, this is the case for some smartphone users who have installed the Alexa app. According to them, the Alexa app drains the battery significantly more than other Android apps. They have tried several solutions to make it stop running in the background and eat up the battery. However, none of them have worked. 

The app is a must if someone uses Alexa smart home assistant, so how can someone stop the Alexa app from draining the battery? 


In this guide, we will discuss why the Alexa app drains the battery and how to stop it on any Android device.  Let’s dive right in.

Why the Alexa app drains the battery?

The main reason the Alexa app drains the battery is its buggy app updates. The issue first started to appear in 2021 after an app update. So far, there have been issues with the battery usage of the Alexa app from time to time, and in every situation, the main reason was the app updates.

Besides the app updates, features within the Alexa app, like power-hungry routines, hands-free mode, and guest mode, can sometimes cause battery draining of your Android phone. 

drains the battery

In addition, temporary glitches within the Android system, caching and corrupted app data are rare cases of this issue.

Now let’s see what you can do to fix the Alexa app from draining your smartphone’s battery.

How to fix the Alexa app drains the battery

Since the major issue for this problem is app updates, you can check for any updates available for the Alexa app. Also, we will show you how to configure the Alexa app to minimize the battery usage and stop it from draining the battery.

Lastly, you will learn what are the solutions you can do to solve Android system issues, and configure battery optimizations to prevent Alexa from running when it is not in use by putting it into deep sleep mode.

Let’s get started.

Fix 01: Restart the device

If there is a glitch that keeps draining the battery of your Android smartphone, a simple restart would be the fix to solve this problem.

Restart the Echo dot

To restart your device, either press and hold the power button and tap on the restart button on the power options or press and hold the power + volume down buttons simultaneously until the screen goes black and you see the Samsung logo.  

Fix 02: Check for App updates

App updates come with various bug fixes and performance improvements to the app. You can check for app updates for the Alexa app and install it from Google Play Store to see if it works to fix the battery draining issue.

So here is how you can update the Alexa app from Google Play Store;

  1. First, open the Google Play Store app
  2. Tap on the profile icon at the top right corner
Tap on the profile icon
  1. Then, tap on the Manage apps and device option
tap on the Manage apps and device
  1. Under Manage apps and device, tap on the Manage tab
  2. Tap on the Updates available button at the top to filter apps that have updates available
Tap on the Updates availabe
  1. From the list, find the Alexa app. Then tap on it
find the Alexa app
  1. Now, tap on the Update button to install the update
tap on the Update button

Once the app is updated, clear its cache to verify the cache files are not outdated and won’t be the culprit to this issue. Here is how you can do that;

Note: Clear the app cache even if there isn’t any app update for the Alexa app

  1. Open Settings
Open Settings
  1. Tap on Apps
Tap on Apps
  1. From the app list, find and tap on the Alexa app
find the Alexa app
  1. Tap on Force stop to stop its process
force stop 1
  1. Then, tap on Storage/Manage storage
Manage storage
  1. Finally, tap on the Clear cache button to wipe out the app cache 
Clear cache

Once you clear the app cache, open the Alexa app. It will force the app to rebuild a fresh cache.

Check on the battery usage after a while to see if the problem is solved.

Fix 03: Remove any power hunger routines

If there are any repetitive routines that keep Alexa running in the background, you can try removing them to see if the battery-draining issue gets fixed. 

To remove/delete a routine, you can follow the steps below;

  1. Open the Alexa app
Open Alexa app
  1. Tap on More/the menu icon and select Routines
Tap on “Routines
  1. You will see the routine list you have enabled. From the list, select power hungry routines and delete them from the Alexa app

Also, you can disable the guest mode and the hands-free mode on your Alexa app to reduce its battery usage. If you don’t know, open the Alexa app and follow these steps;

  1. Go to Alexa app settings, and turn off the Guest mode
turn off the Guest mode
  1. Then, tap on your profile icon
  2. Select Settings > Alexa on this phone
  3. Toggle off the hands-free mode

Once you have done configuring these settings, restart the device.

Fix 04: Add the Alexa app to the battery optimization service

On every modern Android smartphone, there is an inbuilt service called the battery optimization service to put apps that are not in use into a sleep state. You can add Alexa app to the battery optimization service on your Android device to prevent it from eating up your device’s battery power.

Adding apps to battery optimization may vary depending on the Android device you use. Therefore, we will show you a universal method (almost) to get this done;

  1. Open Settings
Open Settings
  1. Tap on the search bar and type “battery optimization
Tap on the Battery optimization feature
  1. Depending on your device and the Android version, you will see a similar feature to the battery optimization (Not the battery saver)
  2. Tap on it
app to the app optimization list
  1. Then, you will see a list of apps with a toggle button next to each of them read the description and add the Alexa app to the app optimization list

After you add the app to the battery optimization, restart your smartphone.


We hope this guide helped you to successfully stop the Alexa app drains the battery of your smartphone. If you have any questions regarding this guide, leave a comment below.

Have a nice day!