About Us

Who are we?

Wired Cabin, a new smart home blog in 2022, was founded by Dilanka Sajith. Currently, there are three passionate people working on this website, creating content useful for people who have already powered their homes with smart home accessories like Amazon Alexa.

Wired Cabin is not all about Amazon Alexa. It will soon expand its horizons to other smart home assistants like Google nest, Samsung Smart Things, etc.

What do we do?

The founder, Dilanka, wants to help people who want to power up their homes with the new “smart home” concept that keeps spreading around the world. He is in the profession of a software developer who knows the inside out of these devices and their algorithms.

Although the smart home concept is quite old, we still see a lot of confusion, problems, and new ideas very frequently on the internet. As tech enthusiasts (Dilanka, Danuka, and Dilini), our aim is to make the smart home concept and the devices easy to understand, set up, and troubleshoot by yourself.

For now, there are three (3) crew members, the founder (Dilanka), the editor (Dilini), and an android developer (Danu)

Meet our crew members

Our crew members already specialize in the software development & smart home industry and have a ton of experience as smart home device users. They equally love the smart home concept and are willing to take this to a whole new level by educating people. Let’s get to know them!

Dilanka Sajith – Founder of Wired Cabin

Dilanka sajith - founder of wired cabin

Dilanka Sajith is a former teacher and also a software developer who graduated from RUSL – Sri Lanka. He is currently working as a freelancing software developer & also as a founder of Wired Cabin.

His goal is to empower people with the latest technological knowledge regarding the IoT & Smart home concept. And he chose Wired Cabin as a place to start his journey.

Danu – Android developer & a blogger

danu-author at wired cabin

Danu, a blogger and also an Android developer, has been doing his job for over two years. He currently has his own personal website, danuka.me

He is also passionate about new technologies and decided to join the crew and share his knowledge with people around the world.

Dilini – Editor of the website – Search analyst

Dilini - Chief editor at wired cabin

Dilini Imiarachchi is a search analyst and the chief editor of Wired Cabin. She is who makes sure everything in here is perfect and easily accessible to people. She also has an agency (Contech Global) where she trains beginners how to write for people.